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(David NovaWhat is God? What is the origin of Life, the Universe, and Everything? And what existed before Creation?
Sphere Beings, Guardians and Ancient Builder Race Connections to Thoth and the Law of One | Secret Negotiations over Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life & Inner Earth Civilizations

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by David Nova, September 13th, 2017

These are questions that have plagued the mind of mankind since the dawn of time, given rise to religions, mythology, and mystery schools.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are sometimes called Abrahamic religions because they all accept the tradition of a God that revealed himself to the prophet Abraham.

Many of us have rejected the Abrahamic definition of God because of the inherent limitations and contradictions we encounter. Thus I find a great many people have decided to reject the concept of God simply because they have rejected the Abrahamic version of God. To me, that seems like a logical fallacy.

For those of us who have personally experienced God’s presence in our lives, yet reject the Abrahamic religions, we often need to look elsewhere for greater understanding. In my case, I experienced such extremes of synchronicity in my youth, that defied a logical understanding of time & space, that I simply could not explain the experience under the paradigm of an agnostic, disconnected, Newtonian mechanical universe. I found one place to look for a more complete understanding of God is in the Ra Material, known as The Law of One.

A definition of God, or the One Infinite Creator, is at the very heart of the Ra Material.

The Law of One states that there is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator (4.20), which Ra also calls “Infinite Intelligence” and “Intelligent Infinity.” It is impossible to describe the “one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole,” but It can be activated or potentiated (28.1). Each portion of the creation contains, paradoxically, the whole (13.13).





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