AILIA MIRA BLOG – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Empowering A Life of Ease – via Council of Radiant Light – 9-18-17

AA Michael


Archangel Michael 

Hello, Divine Ones,

We greet you in love, and we are happy to be here in this moment of co-creation, conscious co-creation. We value you and all that you are and all that you in your distinct and most beautiful human focus are becoming.

We love that we see you allowing more of your life to flow, and for some of you, you’re really starting to feel how your life can be easy. Today, we want to talk about ease, and we want you to realize that ease is available to you.

Ease, like all qualities of experience, is a choice, and that choice is a frequency state that you can choose and allow yourself to experience by aligning to it.

Ailia has been having the most liberating, insightful moments lately, which we wish to share and talk about here because they relate to ease. She has been realizing as she ponders different ways she might like to express herself and has been playing with imagining all the different ways that might manifest that she actually doesn’t have to figure out what exactly would be the answer that accommodates all her desires. Meaning she doesn’t have to find the solution that will give her everything she wants.



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