Alexandra Meador

Hello Warriors 🙂

Many people are very interested to know how to change their reality and shift into another, so today I’m going to explain to you how to achieve this.
It’s very easy. You already shift from moment to moment. There are infinite parallel realities that exist simultaneously and you live in all those realities, you co-exist even if you are not aware of that. You can chose which one you want to experience only when you understand >>> life is like a movie made from images.
There is no time. There is only the ‘now’. You are the creator by choosing which image goes where. By reflecting each image into the now. This is done by changing your vibrational reality. Your perception is the key. Everything we perceive it always matches our frequency.
You might not understand this with your conscious brain-self because your higher consciousness does this automatically for you, but you can participate in this co-creation when you are ready. You are experiencing yourself at the level you assume yourself to be at. If you chose to believe you vibrate in a higher vibration then you can start influencing your environment as well.
You need six months in order to do this,to crystallise your new blueprint. If you increase your frequency, you’ll start to discover more of your higher self’s creation. See it, feel it. Be it. Allow yourself to go  where the best feeling thoughts are.
 This means to be in a state of happiness, joy and inspiration all the time, having the feeling of being on top of life instead of underneath it. Every step that you take higher, every step that you know yourself to be more god and less victim, you change the frequency of your conciousness and you come to realisation of a new parallel reality that you weren’t aware of from the level you were before and you gain more access of your true power (to influence your reality).
The universe turns on and off in terms of consciousness and it happens so fast that it’s like a flickering light switch and it’s so fast that we cannot perceive it. It moves so fast that it seems like it doesn’t exist. That’s why sometimes we have headaches. Because we try to understand something  from a lower state of consciousness.
When your consciousness expands, you become intelligent, fast, inspired, aligned, enlightened! Get excited with your existence! Take control of your own vibratory state. Have fun with your existence, enjoy it. You create it moment by moment! Embrace it and be grateful you are alive. Your life is your canvas, choose the colours and let your spirit express. Where your attention goes, energy flows.