COMMANDER 7 – Only The Highest Will Ascend – 8-5-17 – by Intel Dinar Chronicles

Commander 7

The Galactic understands and always knows what everyone is vibrating to.

They can hear your thoughts and much more as that is one of our abilities and the human as well.

For as you remember your true light within you and know you have never left. Your DNA strands will begin to repair itself and your other abilities start to unfold.

There is never an ego attached to this. As that is old paradigm and is not part of the higher consciousness of the evolve light beings.

You can not hide under cover of so call religion, governments, groups, or even use the higher Angels names realm in name and or etc.

What wonderful times we live in as to be in the transformation through Earth. As we have on other planets before

At this life time their are so many souls that have come to earth again to heal old Atlantis and Mu memories and karma.

The energy has being building since the 1960’s and took off in 2012 never to be blocked again.

That is why you see, many people are recreating to what they did, how they acted, for higher or lower vibrations from Atlantis and Mu lives right now in this life from that time line.

You have a choice through higher understanding to heal those old life times now in this time line. Once and for all if you chose so.

There are many even those on many sites commenting and the Intel agents that come from the old Atlantis/Mu life time coming in acting just like they did long ago. Some people have grown so much and have added to their ascension evolution program and are enjoying their light on Earth many blessings to you all for that you not only healed yourself of an important time line. You have helped your families “3D, Spirit,” and those who yet to be coming in as higher light because of your work.

Other are still choosing to work on the lower vibrations.

trying to have a following of people behind them to control and manipulate, cheat, lie to. As that is what they did back then.

This lower energy of their own choice lead to many people listening to them when Atlantis/Mu where sinking over hundreds of years of life times doing the same fear ego energy.

Only to have the karma back at you all again.

We have choice your fear brought you to these people situations lessons to break free of the cycle of darkness and remember your light. As the now you have a choice ” To Be Free To Be You ” create on Earth and throughout the Universes and Galaxies ” your true light being potentials not through a spokes man of ego and self disillusions repeating itself to this very time line trying to take you down with them yet again.

Harmony means to agree with if in positive or negative reasons.

There are those that will continue the life times of not taking responsibility for their inherit right to be free light beings and will chose to be with the leaders of sinking ships and continents.

Those who have had enough and want to ride the waves of freedom and soul evolution.

No matter we all love you and as of my beloved teachers from one life time to another have spoken “You Have All The Time In Your World To Evolve”

May you be blessed

Yes you have free will and that is wonderful for that will chose everything that we create the paths for understanding in order for spirit soul evolution.

Whether it be on planet Earth or else where.
I Love You Commander 7




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