The Sumerian Tablets – SACRED HISTORY of Earth – Video by David Vose – 8-1-17



David Vose 


Published on Mar 12, 2015

What are the Sumerian Tablets. If they tell the story of our past. Why have we ignored them? Some say they contradict the Holy Bible. Others say, they reveal it. Could the History recorded in Sumerian tablets, where father Abraham lived, could they reveal the missing knowledge long kept from us? Now that we have this document. Will we not even read it? The Catholic Church burned our sacred History and authorized only the cannon now called the bible. They seem to have convinced us that this narrow select group of passages are the only words God allows us. This seems unlikely since we know they have burned the History and those wanting to tell it to the stake for hundreds of years. perhaps thousands. Maybe we better look into these books now being recovered. If God preserved the Holy Writ, could he not also have held back portions of the story until we could be in a position to understand them. Could these books now being dug up and revealed possibly be the real inspiration of God to man? Maybe we should look. Facts cannot hurt us. Hiding our heads in the sand can. We have done that far too long. Besides, doesnt it all make more since now?


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