SANDRA WALTER – Gridwork Guidance – Ascension Path – 7-22-17


Ascension Path with Sandra Walter 

Published on Jul 22, 2017

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ READ THESE NOTES:

Many asked about the intel regarding *planting crystals* and the New Earth Grids. Here is an excerpt from the section on Gridwork from the Ascension Path class. READ THE PRINTED STEPS linked below for Basic Gridwork guidance on interacting with the New Earth Crystalline Grid amplification. As always, follow your heart guidance for your unique expression of this level of Service. Technical questions are answered in the full class and the many articles on my website.

Empower yourself! Pay attention to these steps, read the material, align with pure intent for the highest good and you can’t do it wrong. These are basics for new-to-Gridworking … we welcome you to this level of Service!

No judgment if you do it differently or have other missions at this juncture. We all have our roles of Service. These are not instructions for Gatekeeping, that is a different activity. Remember this is an excerpt from the class – preparation of the mind, energy fields, emotions, and spirit is another conversation.

Join the Unity Meditations each SUNday to boost yourself, your Service and your Gridwork. We Unify AS ONE in Peace to amplify the Ascension for All.

Gridwork Basics PDF in the FREE TOOLS section at…

Ascension Path class at…

In Love, Light and Service,




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