SUZANNE LIE, STEVE BECKOW – An Hour With Arcturians – 7-15-17

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An Hour With Arcturians and Steve Beckow 7-13-17


An Hour with Arcturians and Steve Beckow

July 13, 2017

Steve: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I am Steve Beckow, co-editor and chief of the Golden age of Gaia. Linda Dillon is away on holiday at the moment and with us, Sue Lie who has graciously offered to allow us to speak again with the Arcturians following on from our interview of last week. Sue, sacred partnership is a subject close to your heart I’m sure.

Sue: Yes, it is.

Steve: Close to mine as well, as you know. Yes, but of course in talking with the Arcturians today we are not just talking about sacred partnership we are talking about what they call, “synchronistic missions” which includes people who are cooperating but not in some kind of relationship, a romantic relationship. So we will be taking the conversation out of the behind-the-screen aspect hopefully and into the, this-side-of-the-screen aspect.

Sue: Yes, so talking about relationships that… Well, sometimes people work together and they are also in a romantic relationship but we are talking primarily just about the relationship per se without whether or not it is romantic or not.

Steve: Yes, and the agreement, the sacred agreement to work together. I have seen lot of affiliations or collegial relationships not weather this long wait that we’ve had for things like abundance or disclosure or even ascension. So I hope today to find out from the Arcturians and of course yourself as well since or psychologist, how to make relationships work.

Sue: How to make relationships work… Yes of course.

Steve: Anything you want to say on that subject before we go to the Arcturians?

Sue: Well I think as soon as you said that, the first thing that came to my head is that the relationship that we have a self is going to be dominant in the relationship we have with another person.

And so what is going between our ears and in our heart is going to greatly affect the person with whom we’re having a relationship and the deeper the love and the deeper the bonding, the more it will affect them. Because even if you act like your fine and you’re good and you’re cool and you’re all happy :-), they will feel it in a second and say, “Okay, what is wrong?”

Steve: Yes, yes, yes I am aware of that from even my short-term in the relationship. Yes indeed. So there is a need for a lot of honesty and Kathleen is fond of saying that “what in, the without” is sort of our opportunity to look at what is in the within that may be causing the without. So she turns the spotlight clearly on the self. It clears out whatever Vasana there is or core issue that is going on. I like that. I admire that very much.

Sue: That’s a way that couples can really help each other because looking in the mirror is pretty hard to do. And it’s much easier to… We forget that when you point one finger out, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Steve: Yes, I think it’s something we’re going to have to… it’s going to have to enter into the culture you know, this practice of turning the spotlight inside to ourselves, rather than pointing the finger outside. We have some way to go on that.

Sue: Yes, and basically if we want to point the finger at somebody else that is like a message to our self that we need to go inside and say, “Okay, what am I trying to get out of, what am I hiding from? It was their fault?” Let’s just take a moment here, take a walk by yourself and sit down underneath the tree and say, “Okay, hi Self, how are you doing?

Steve: Right. The damage we cause from not doing that, I was going to say, takes the edge off of intimacy. But it takes much more than just the edge of intimacy and it makes it very difficult to be in a metaphor, blaming each other and what have you.

But we are going to be thrust into this if we’re going to now be getting together with people with whom we have synchronistic missions this is going to be up for us.

Sue: Yes, and it’s kind of the good news and the bad news. It’s good news because you can understand that person because that person is like you. But the bad news is you are going to see your faults in that person and you are going to want to get really upset with that person; then you don’t have to get upset at your own self.

Steve: Yes, that’s right. There is also, I don’t know how to describe it but there is just this real difficulty, and you referred to it in the first few minutes of this is happening, in taking that spotlight and turning it around. It just feels like this blaming the other person is natural, familiar, what’s wrong with it, you know, it will get them to do something right?

Sue: And it is easy, it’s really easy. It gets you off the hook right there. Not my fault, not my fault, I’m just an innocent person here in this relationship I didn’t do anything. Where did this come from?

If you’re in an intimate relationship it’s kind of like when people have those contests where people get on each end of a rope and they both pull the rope…

Steve: Yes, tug-of-war…

Sue: But the thing is there is just one rope and that rope is actually connecting those people and so they’re making a contest out of it instead of realizing, “Wait a second, we’re connected with that team!”

Steve: Yes, a guru that I once followed, when my girlfriend long ago and I would come, we would give our relationships to her. And she would say, “Still fighting?” And she would say, “One, one… but which one?” so, control, control.

We probably should get over to the Arcturians before we have a delightful hour ourselves and forget to ask them.

Sue: So you go ahead and ask away and I will just take a moment and bring in and connect with the Arcturians.

Steve: Well, my first question is, you recently published an interview in which you talked about synchronistic missions, which could be a sacred partnership but not necessarily. It could be collegial relationship as this relationship. And you talked about it from your side, from that side of the veil, shall we say, and from our internal experience a little bit.

Well okay, here we are. We are in synchronistic missions we know we have made these agreements, etc. but you know that life has been very difficult here, we’re in a very dense vibration etc.

We often have not made a very good job of relationships. Could you please talk to us a little bit about the principles and precepts that would help us to make our synchronistic missions work from this point on, please?

Arcturians: Well, one of the things that we would like to begin with is that, when a couple comes together, their synchronistic mission is usually a combination of what each of them does themselves and so there is a two way format.

On the one hand, each person, take even Suzille and her husband; Suzille she has an issue she comes to us, usually and says, “Help! Tell me what’s going on here?”

Her husband, he doesn’t do that. He’ll go down and play his born or take a walk in the woods or call up one of his buddies.

But each person needs to be allowed to find their own way to center themselves and then the other person centers themselves, and then after they are both centered, then they come back. And so it’s like, “Okay, this is not going well. Take a break.”

Like with children; you separate the children and you just take a break. Sometimes you know some of them will march off and some of them will march off the other way… Good because when you’re by yourself, instead of looking, “Well, that dirty dog” and “why did she do that?” …and blah, blah, blah.

You are just there, you’re by your self and that’s when you need to go to your own inner guidance for each person, whatever their inner guidance is. Whoever or however they have a relationship with their higher self, even if it’s a traditional church relationship, that’s fine. Jesus is in ascended master.

So, talking to… That is when it is a good idea to converse with a being that resonates to a higher frequency because the reason why it went wrong is that the frequency got too low; the frequency of the thinking, the frequency of emotion, the frequency of sharing.

It moved out of that unconditional love and surrender to the One and into the, “Well I don’t love you now because you are…and this is what I want.”

So each person has to recalibrate themselves back to that higher frequency of consciousness and however it is they do that and if they can actually have a dialogue, they can help a dialogue with the rock, a tree, with their self in the mirror.

In fact, a very important dialogue that we have told Suzelle to do and she’s told many people, is that you go in to the bathroom mirror because it has a lot of light on it.” Close the door, Lock the door and look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and look in your own eyes, in your own eyeballs, in your own pupils. And when you do that it’s like, “Okay, this is me”, “This is for me”.

And so when each of the two take the responsibility for what they did, not that the other person told them, “Well I’m mad at you because you did this blah, blah.” That can happen later.

What brings companies back, people’s back, couples back, even pets and humans back is that, “Okay, I take responsibility for what I did. I realize that I did so and so and ouch, I’m sorry.” Ouch, I’m sorry. You know, I’m sorry is the hard part to say if you are sincere. If it isn’t hard then maybe you are not being sincere.

You say, “oh yeah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” but that is not sincere. If you don’t feel I am sorry, then this person you have an intimate relationship with this going to say, “Aw, you are just talking” because they can feel if you can feel it.

Steve: Yes, we are really quite acute in that area. We’re not so acute in a lot of other areas but picking up on those kinds of subtle signs…

Arcturians: … Placating, “Oh I’m so sorry, yeah, yeah I’m really sorry honey; let’s go on.” Its like, “Wait a second, I don’t feel sorry. I don’t feel that. I don’t feel that. And that is why you need to seal it with a hug, even more than a kiss. Seal it with a hug; heart to heart hug.

Steve: Absolutely. We are also going to be working together as colleagues, I’m not talking about people in sacred partnership necessarily but other synchronistic missions and again, our skills in working together, they are not great.

It’s been a while since I was in the office, about 10 years. But certainly we didn’t have means of resolving conflict among us. It kind of limped along. Do you have any principles and precepts that you want to share with us about collegial relationships, business relationships?

Arcturians: So, you mean when a romantic couple chooses to work together? Is that what you mean by that?

Steve: I am thinking of it in a… Let’s say everybody who works together and it may include some couples but usually doesn’t. Do you have any principles and precepts you can share for them making that kind of a synchronistic mission work. It’s more formal because it’s…

Arcturians: Yes, when there is a larger group and this is not a romantic group you’re talking about?

Steve: No it’s not. It’s usually a project of some sort.

Arcturians: Yes, okay, if everybody can keep their eye on the pie, so to speak, if every person can have it be about the project instead about their idea. “I have an idea where the… Hey you’re not listening to my idea. I will do my idea, okay.”

What happens then is you just said, “my” idea and then that person just kind of pulled themselves out of that group because they’re thinking “my”.

And so just like a romantic couple, what you are protecting is the love force that you have gained together. So maybe, personally you’d like to really bash that person and get really angry but then you take a moment and you think, “Oh, I don’t want to live with the consequences of that, I think I’ll keep my mouth shut”.

And it is the same thing in a group situation but it is a different type of emotion. Because there are more people there and if one person sticks out too much then that can be offensive to the other people in the group.

So when there is a group energy field, then it’s pretty difficult to have a group energy field that doesn’t have at least one leader. It is a very difficult thing to do and if people are able to achieve that, congratulations to them. And the way that they are able to achieve that, is that they put the group first and themselves second.

Just like in a personal relationship, you put the relationship first and yourself second.

Steve: So, that again brings us to selfless service. The organizations that seem to succeed the best are those that have a certain percentage of people who are following the precepts of selfless service.

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