HEAVEN LETTERS – A Virtuoso of Life – 7-6-17

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God said:

Well, here is how it is. For some time now, We are ahead in writing down Heavenletters.

Today, as I whisper in the ether this fresh new Heavenletter, the given date is January 1, 2017, the first day of the New Year. This is heralded in the world as a Special Day, a Holiday, a Holy Day.

Of course, every day is a Holy Day and remarkable in the world. Where do days in the world come from if not from Heaven? Every day is remarkable. Every day is a Day Coming over the Horizon that has never arrived on Earth before. Every day is worthy of a celebration.

At the same time, there is Infinity. We can describe Infinity as seamless. Yes, Infinity is seamless. There is no separation. It is impossible for Infinity to separate itself. There is not a way in the world to precisely describe a new day that is unlike any other day in the world. A new day is brand-new.

In Infinity, everything is fresh. Today, the day you receive this Heavenletter, is a day, an ordinary day, if you will. Every day is really a regular day until you name it otherwise. I name each day remarkable.

Yet, of course, named days such as New Year’s Day tend to pull out an expectancy from you. You can name this Expectancy as Desire, Hope, Love and Greater Anticipation.

In the world, everything is more and more or, contritely, less and less, depending on how you look at it. How you look at Life is how you engage in Life.

In Infinity, We can say there are only plusses. To think of it! Everything is a plus. In this sense, everything is an Adventure. In the world, you don’t know what to expect. This is Life’s upside, and, in your terms, this is also its downside. These are only points of view, you understand.

Today you may toot Life’s Horn, and, on another day, you may rue what Life has wrought, or I wrought, or you wrought, however you appraise it. You have extremes of ecstasy and, oh, well, extremes of agony as well.

In Truth, there is neither. Is-ness exists. Being exists. Oneness exists. We can say, and it has been said, that Nothingness exists! Oneness does quite well in its expression. Love does too. This millisecond is Oneness, if, indeed, Oneness could be timed. Of course, there is no time except as it is conceived of in the world. In the world, time is an ogre or a gift, depending upon how you scan it at the moment.

There is an Essence to Oneness. What you want is that Essence, the Awareness of Essence, the Essence of Awareness.

This Essence could be called Confidence. The Deeper Levels are of Greater Awareness. Awareness dawns.

Once you didn’t know mathematics. You learned math. Now you take multiplication tables in your stride. There is nothing that cannot become more viable for you.

Life is like learning how to ride a bike. You fall off, and you fall off again. And now, riding a bike becomes automatic, and you are able to ride your bike for the joy of it.

Consider Joy the Essence of Knowing Oneness. You become one with the bike and one with movement and one with your body and the air. There is a Wholeness that doesn’t come apart. Somehow, you will naturally experience the Oneness that you may struggle with now. Soon the context of Oneness will be as easy as it is for you now to ride your bike seamlessly.

You are so close. You are so close to naturally accepting the Existence of Oneness. You are so close that in a moment of no time at all, it will be natural for you.

Once you couldn’t swim. Once you couldn’t play the violin. Once you couldn’t walk. Now you can swim. Now you can play the violin or whistle a tune. Now you can even run as if there were no stopping you. This is you. You are becoming a Virtuoso of Life.

Hop on to Life with Me. We are just getting going.


Author: Higher Density Blog

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