SOPHIA LOVE – Message from a Council – 7-5-17

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SOPHIA LOVE – Message from a Council – 7-5-17

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Sophia Love

Hi everyone.

With this complementary edition comes a quick back story. Last night, and a few nights before that, I was “busy”. I am not clear on the exact “work” being done while I should have been asleep, but I am sure of how I felt upon waking – like I’d been up all night.

I am told that many of us are on this “night shift”; perhaps you too are finding some mornings and indeed entire days where you are extremely groggy? I am told that we are meeting, preparing and planning for our role in directing and helping with the coming changes on the planet; and that there is yet more work to be done. (Prepare for some more rough mornings!) I am told that once we get there, we will be surprised to discover who else is involved. This is world-wide. As was stated in an earlier conversation with One, “there are some unexpected riders on the bus”.

Today, besides being extremely groggy, I’ve felt someone tapping on my shoulder. What you are about to read is the result of what was finally just said. This feels like something that should be shared with many, it concerns the collective, so it is being sent as an “Extra Edition” to everyone. Please share this. It is remarkable news.

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July 5, 2017

I feel as if someone is attempting to reach me.

This is true.

Go ahead then. Please introduce yourselves.

Yes Sophia, hello.

We come now to you for conversation. You are extremely open and available, “empty” as it were. We have been reaching in for some time now, hoping to get your attention.

We desire audience.

Our intention is singular. We represent a faction of a council that is helping to direct and orchestrate the inception of new protocols.

These are to be discovered as well as simultaneously created by humanity. You have begun your emergence. This is so very pressing and exciting and activating. All of us here, where it is I reach to you from, can barely contain our excitement at the coming human.

You see, we specialize in the creation/formation/manipulation and guidance of new life forms.

In your case, the human’s case I mean, it is as if there has been a third element, perhaps a 7th or 11th element, which is unknown and unpredicted.

We know not from where it springs.

This element has as its base a depth of power unseen.

What this looks like for us is a parade of constant surprise.

At every turn, the human introduces and then becomes more than what it has been before.

These alterations indicate deep explorations of aspects of emotion.

They are fascinating.

What is seen now is that the very essence of creation – what some would call love – colors every aspect of the shift.

It not only alters the time line for it, as humanity seems to declare every member of its race worthy, or perhaps there is a better word, partners, on the journey – there is something more to it than just an increase in numbers of humans.

The humans themselves have deepened their individual levels of the experience. Very few of you are just “along for the ride”.

What we witness, and for us this is most astonishing, is a sort of magnetic attraction – one to the other. You call more and more of you in, even setting aside past emotional disturbances with each other to accomplish unity.

Ascension as witnessed prior to this now, has been a solitary event. The unity and oneness it introduces to the evolution of the being has always been an after effect. It shows up once new frequency levels are reached.
Not so with the human.

As we watch you walk towards this increase in vibration and emerging higher levels of consciousness, we see you creating oneness in real time.

It’s a sort of “boots on the ground” approach that exemplifies humanity. The human has always chosen its own path; forged actually, its own path.

For all of the tendency to obey, there is a deeper longing or pull – and that is looking now like its own version of unity; love.

Perhaps you’ve been told of how your life will be or feel once you’ve reached greater/higher dimensions. I’m here to tell you that not only are you defining how you get there, but you are also creating what this new dimension will look and feel like.

Your access to deep levels of compassion is unexpected. It emerges now, ever so clearly, as the shackles of the cabal fall away.

(With those last 7 words came a clear image. It was of shackles disintegrating, not because of any outside force, but as a result of the vibration of the being wearing them. Its message was clear. We are becoming that which cannot be shackled. Sophia)

You will not have to be set free – you are very much freeing yourself. You are doing it with a force of love that will not wait for a new dimension. It is showing itself now and promises to be beyond anything known before.

Have faith in each other as this has shown to be your greatest strength and deepest joy.

We await your emergence and are as prepared as we can be to alter our approach so that we are always assisting your journey.

Thank you, Sophia.

You are complete then?

We are.

This conversation ended.

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