ASNASTACIA @ In5D – Energy Update – Releasing Old Anxiety – 6-30-17


ASNASTACIA @ In5D – Energy Update – Releasing Old Anxiety – 6-30-17

by Anastacia,  Australian Correspondent,


Old ANXIETY being felt to be released, that one may not understand

The last 24hours was more releasing of old, old going back through to childhood or younger years of situations that we have been in, that was like a ‘flicking’ through like a rewind of a movie going back.

Yet it was a brief flicking through of memories that occurred.

As I rested I watched this go back through my life to so many times and situations I had forgotten about and I was let know, this was reaching the ‘core’ or starting point of much anxiety that slowly built up, deep deep within, that was like ‘hidden’ in the background.

Hidden that has now been exposed.

Anxiety that was like secretly stored away, so small for each situation, yet combine these together = a larger form of anxiety.

So today, there is Anxiety being felt to be released where one may not know ‘where this comes from’….this is old and has many layers that has finally finally come to the surface from the core! – and many situations at that.

Of situations that one may have forgotten about, especially if one was very sensitive and perceptive at a young age.

The previous 24hours before this was huge as many have shared how they wanted to leave and were at an ‘end point’, which is common during our ascension of reaching this point, before we burst through to a new layer, level and all subsides and eases. Yet for some this does not ease.

It ‘eases’ when one has fully felt and shifted through what they have ‘needed’ to, to reach that ‘release point’.

This cannot be reached from the ‘head’ or thinking, only through the feeling through this.

If one has been feeling within and being conscious of their growth then one will be feeling to release this ‘old anxiety’ that has been stored for so very long.

Honour and allow these feelings to shift through, knowing and understanding this is ‘old’ from when we were younger in human years this lifetime.

As when we do so consciously we may be surprised as to different memories that may surface in this release.

January 5 2017, was an update on: ‘The year of Breathing to Release Old Anxiety/Energy’ – and here we are nearly 6months later, now reaching a ‘point’ of doing just that ‘again’ – at a much deeper deeper level.

‘Breathing to release’ is a very powerful ‘method’….to breath in through ones nose and in doing so feeling all the old anxiety and then breathing out through ones mouth SLOWLY and deliberately, while hearing the outwards breath, and closing ones mouth slightly allows us to slow this down….while seeing and feeling this release. As the visual with this is important too. Feeling, seeing and hearing, all combined.

So is doing this from within and not from the head – quickly.

This is a deliberate stop, pause and taking a moment to feel, see and hear oneself doing this. I say this as I have taken many through this and sometimes it takes a few times to really feel, hear and see this to enable a release from deep within.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Ascended Earth Master
In6D human embodiment/8D in Spirit





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  1. Thank you both for this post. This experience, for me…had me sort of panicked …for this came out of nowhere for me as well. Namaste’


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