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The Radionnic Ships of Light


Mankind has been observing the ships for thousands of years, just not understanding what they have been seeing.

As you may or may not know, I presented a couple of dozen cloud photographs of the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host at The Alien Cosmic Conference held last June in Brantford Ontario. Afterwards I was asked by the powers that be to prepare a fully sanctioned fully fledged official world wide Disclosure about their presence. To that end I have worked non-stop from the beginning of July until now preparing the information. It is finally finished, and comprises over 550 photographs of Radionnic Ship cloud presences from all around the world plus more than 390 pages of relevant discussions and explanations. The Disclosure is now presented in full as website:

For those of you who are not sure of what is actually going on, this is very, very, very, very, big news. Radionnic Ships of Light have been around for a long long time hiding in plain sight. The Bible, written two thousand years ago, says explicitly, We who are Alive….will be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air…(1. Thess, 4:17). Likewise, ‘Behold, he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him …( Revelations, 1:7). The clouds are the signatures produced by the Radionnics Ships of the Heavenly Host whenever one is present.

Mankind has been observing the ships for thousands of years, just not understanding what they have been seeing. It is still the same today, most people look at the clouds overhead and see nothing. The official Disclosure is now being given in the form of a teaching rather than an announcement, showing you exactly how and when to see them. It is also being disseminated to you gradually in the form of a website plus a book so as to not create a severe culture shock destabilizing society.

To give you an idea of what to look for, Figure 1 below, taken near mid June of 1016 in Huntsville, Ontario is the Radionic Cloud reflection of a Father ship sitting in the higher fourth dimension. The ship is in close as the Radionic magnetic lines pass in front of the Cumulus clouds above.




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