LISA TRANSCENDANCE BROWN – GateWay Updates – 5-20-17 –


4:15pm HST: ​Okay, our NEW Crystalline StarGate System (completed within the last week or so) and the Crystalline Gridwork of Our NEW Earth have now synchronized at a super-mega-high frequency and we are anchoring higher timelines in as any old ones recently cleared fall away. Some may feel floating/gravity shifts/lightening, as we are in a kind of “suspended animation” as we conclude/complete this up-link process while all of the rest of the new systems come fully online.

Ahhhh, breathe the magnificence…. higher and higher and higher we continually go….

Powerful! We also went ultra sonic a while ago… these create the shock-awake and other effects…. “fast clarity” is another result of these. More access… all kinds of REALity shifting things!

Update as I know. Love love love ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
photo credit unknown, yet I shall update if I gain this info! Gratitude for it assisting us all too! ♦


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