ANASTACIA @ In5D – ENERGY UPDATE – Where Are We At Right Now? – 5-13-17

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by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

Finding newer ways out of ‘the box’ that we didn’t have things in

All is so new new new

Each and every facet of our lives has now changed at a universal ‘level’ – expansion of our planets energy – a new expansion – a new experience for our planet, humanity and ourselves

This expansion is so great that it is needing to be felt into and experienced gradually and slowly – as we have time!

‘Ascension cannot be rushed, fooled or cheated’

Re-experiencing and discovering the new – at the same time

New experiences with the old

As tough as this is for each person, is as tough as we each are!

For us to further realize just how very strong we are.

As the energy we are each facing/feeling is our own energy universally expanded

New Ascension, New Growth, New Time-Line we are newly creating

In a *new* way that has never been done before

In a *new* New Universal Energy

A new Foundation being created – within and for ourselves

We are each our own ‘trailblazer’ in this instance, of our lives and ourselves

And blazing a very *new* path/trail for ourselves is exactly just that, very new and uncharted territory

New and ‘foreign’ methods and ‘ways’ that we are needing to seek and find for ourselves.

Different from anything we have ever done, felt or experienced before

This is such a time of unique and personal growth, experience and expansion

This is a *new* YOU you are rediscovering and yet creating at the same time.

There is so much to this, that these words do not do the new Universal energy ‘justice’ as to just how big/large/massive this is…as there are no words that can fully explain or ‘cover’ this

Yet, personal guidance of discovering this for oneself of being a Trailblazer for 22 years is what I have to offer of the Divine.

As many are ‘needing’ to feel the energy of being in 6D human embodiment to help them, help themselves to shift and grow.

Those that are ‘ready’ do and are guided and led of the Divine…remembering that all else follows and flows to humanity.

So please know that you may not be able to ‘explain’ what you are feeling, seeing or ‘going through’ with others with this right now.

That to take that ‘step back’, as often we need to take a step back to move forward.

To allow us and others ~space~ to be all we are and all they are in where we are each at.

Pull back from over exertion of oneself (and ones energy) and just BE or learn to just BE

Yet this too takes time

We are releasing the old, while integrating into our very new, back and forth

As the old of creating the new is no longer…this is a very *new* way of integration and creation of our lives in many many ways

On a New Universal Dimension expansion/shift that we have never known, felt or experienced before.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer/Oracle
Ascended Earth Master
In 6D human embodiment


Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.