Archangel Michael on the Heart – by Steve Beckow – 5-5-17 – Golden Age Of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on the Heart   –   by Steve Beckow  –  5-5-17   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

I was discussing self-confidence with Archangel Michael in a reading I had with him on April 19, 2017 through Linda Dillon.

He  surprised me with a new discussion of the functions of the physical heart. I imagine the topic has special interest because we’ll be ascending with the body, with the physical form.

I’d always considered the physical heart a lumpen mass with no intelligence of its own, so to speak. All intelligence was located in the soul/Christ/Atman. The soul can be found in the spiritual heart, on the other side of the hridayam or heart aperture.

But Michael said no, that’s not completely true and discussed what he called “new information” on the heart.

Very appropriate for a week of peace meditations and love transmissions.

Steve: I would like to return to what you said earlier about self-confidence.

Now, self-confidence added to love, added to bliss, added to peace all come from the heart.

What is this saying? What is the heart? Is it the soul on the other side of the heart that’s radiating this or is this a function of the heart itself?

AAM: It is both. As you are discerning, and as you are very personally learning, it is the soul in tandem with the physicality.

The heart does more than just pump blood, my friend. It is the physical engine of love.

Think of what I am saying. So you have the essential soul, seat of the soul essence that provides you with a life. You could not live without your soul presence and of course you know this. When it departs, you go elsewhere.

But the physical manifestation of how that can be in form is your heart. Your heart is your central operational centre for your existence on planet, in form. It is your clearinghouse. It is your central engine. It is your motivator; it is all the above. It is where your truth and the Truth lie.

Steve: We’re can’t be discussing the physical heart at this moment, can we? But the heart on the other side of the hridyam [closed heart aperture]?

AAM: Both. It is the soul that is the essence of generation of the energy to pump the heart to keep you going, to give you the Truth. But in the physical way. Think of it.

This is new information so I want you to truly hear what I say and this is why we are so emphatic about the anchoring of love in physicality.

Your heart is not just pumping blood and nutrients. Your heart is pumping peace and truth and love and joy. That is how you feel invigorated and you have asked me this in various ways.

“When I am in bliss I just want to lie on the bed and float” but when you start the flow into your bloodstream of the peace and the bliss and the joy and the truth, you will be wanting to climb mountains. That is what your physical heart is intended for.

So, love your heart. Love your physical heart the same way you would love your other organs; your skin, your hair, your breath. Your breath is as much a part of you as anything.


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