The Mother Forgives Everything – A Word of Gratitude – by Kathleen Mary Willis – Golden Age Of Gaia

Everything is forgiven in this time of karmic dispensation.

Understanding and knowing the Eternal Flow — continual change — letting go of what is not of love, our external reality changes.

We create peace and Love on Earth.

A question was put to Archangel Raphael on Heavenly Blessings, January 2014, concerning a vivid dream and apologizing, whether that was part of the energetic healing process.

Archangel Raphael replied that forgiveness is the starting point for our journeys, in freedom, and in Love:

“It is absolutely Part of the Energetic Healing process because what you are doing — do not forget that you are also in a time of karmic dispensation as well — but what you are doing is in your night work is that you are healing past relationships, and freeing the person and yourself. You are freeing yourself up to go forward on your separate journeys in freedom and in Love. Forgiveness is the starting point.” (1)


The other day at work, I was asked to take out the cart with all the cardboard and plastic for recycling and garbage.

While I was there out at the crusher and the bins, I invoked Sanat Kumara and Ashira, Commander of UFOG, and the Universal Laws of Intent, Balance, Change and Transmutation to transmute all the garbage on Gaia.

I thought I was invoking for technology to help us with our pollution issues! Hmmmm. . .

Well, I was, but what I found was that I was really asking for the transmutation — the forgiveness — of everything not of love – my ‘pollution’ within – to love and peace.

The garbage was a metaphor!

With glad tears, I am joy, I am gratitude to the Mother for this knowing of the correlation between forgiveness and peace, for healing.

Forgiving and forgiveness are ways of peace.


One of the most entrenched false grids, old beliefs – not only on Earth – is that ‘God is punishing’.

It is so entrenched that often we don’t even know it is there, creating dis-ease, from almost intangible discomfort to illness.

When we can see that this is running in our external reality, we can invoke Universal Law and send hope, compassion, peace, and Love with the Mother’s Clarity.

Many times the reflection in the without, that we are seeing, is mirrored within ourselves.

Because the false grids and our core issues can be insidious, when we invoke and send love for external situations, we can be helping ourselves without even realizing it.

When a situation in the external triggers us, it is often an indication there is something within, we can look at.

The false grids and our core issues all stem from lack of self-love and/or lack of self-worth.


As an example, I asked Steve if we could ask you, the readership of the Golden Age of Gaia, to meditate for peace because I saw in the news that missiles were being sent and bombs dropped.

This week of peace has been an eye-opening time to look within and ask why I was triggered.

Sanat Kumara came through on An Hour With An Angel and talked of the false grid, ‘God is punishing’.

I knew of this false grid, but didn’t realize how it was affecting me.

The oppression, strife, anxiety, separation, worry, interference, futility and disappointment I feel with the external situation is because the completion of ‘war/dis-ease’ on the planet and within my physical and soul family is taking too long: ‘God is punishing’.

We/I must be unloveable, unforgivable, unworthy for this to be happening.

What I have come to understand is the collective false grid/the false grid of ‘God is punishing’ — our/my deep sorrow — will be completely lifted when there is no more drought on Gaia.

When there is no more spiritual, mental, emotional and physical drought, no more ‘war’, ‘starvation’, ‘gender inequality’, ‘lack’, etc. on Gaia/within my physical and soul family, we will be free.


Freedom is peace and Love.

Archangel Raphael spoke to us of Love, March 2012, on Heavenly Blessings helping us to remember how profoundly Loved we are:

“When I speak to you of healing, I speak to you of the healing of your heart, of your mind, of your emotional field, yes, of your life. And how do we do this? We do this by you recognizing and coming to understand your worthiness, your wholeness, how deeply you are loved, not only by me but by Mother-Father-One, by entire legions of angels. None of you, none of you have any idea how profoundly you are loved and when you come to know this, you are instantaneously healed. Yes, it is that simple and it is that complex; for has this not been the dis-ease of your planet of Earth, of the collective? It is that you have forgotten this very straightforward fact, that you are cherished.” (2)

We as a collective/as One family are coming to understand and know Divine Right Alignment — peace and Love — with forgiveness of everything.

As above,

so below,

as within, so without.


The Mother forgives everything.

In the higher realms we are forgiven for everything always. 

With that knowing, as sparks of the Mother, with forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others, we are coming to know profound Love, peace, the I Am, slowly but surely.

When there are billions holding the energy

of the only acceptable reality being peace and love, 

then peace will reign.

Archangel Michael

My great gratitude,

to each of you,

for participating

in this week of peace.

Thank you so much,

from Steve and myself.


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