Natalia Alba – Ascension Update ~ Energies of May 2017, Reconnecting With Our Original Adamic DNA ~ April 29, 2017 – by Rose Rambles dotorg


By Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

It is during this loving but intense month of May, that Planet Earth is finally beginning to merge with its 5D body, which until recently was just another possibility, for it all depends on the course we, as a collective, take. It has not been easy, to summon our hearts as One in order to create a massive frequency alignment impact – powerful enough to diverge from the old 3D Earth and finally anchor our new frequency into a Higher Resonance Octave of Love. For every time we take a decision on our soul evolutionary journey, we create infinite new timelines, New Earths, new possibilities of where to dwell, and it takes constant devotion to our God Self and All, to hold – always – a higher frequency to help All, ascend into this new cosmic dimension.

At a cosmic level, during this transitional time, some are experiencing many challenges from both an inner perspective and a physical one. For even if many believe this transition to be an “easy” one – as some people tend to think they are already dwelling in 5D – the ones who hold clarity, know the process of clearing our ancestral/karmic/alien baggage, is not precisely an effortless one. As a stabilizer, I have been deeply impacted by these intense frequencies. It was not easy to remain balanced among all the collective chaos with many other challenges arising, as we evolve.

As we keep bifurcating from the Old 3D Earth, we are not simply experiencing a quantum leap between different dimensions, but the conscious retrieval that some of us are intentionally making, of reconnecting with our original Adamic DNA codes, to manifest the true potential of our human race, before it was manipulated and distorted.

This is a very profound topic, but I AM sure many of you are familiar with our true origin. The many physical sensations that we are feeling, the deep cleansing and release of all the old implants and beliefs, is very challenging, but essential to cause this deep physical and inner transformation, required to regain our original crystalline stellar wisdom. To me, May goes beyond the manifestations of our soul visions in the physical. For this month holds the potential and the proper frequencies for us to begin awakening that which was shut down eons ago.



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