Kathleen Mary Willis – Letting Go of My Inner Conflict, Creating Peace Within – Golden Age Of Gaia – 4-25-17

Kathleen Mary Willis   –   Letting Go of My Inner Conflict, Creating Peace Within  –   Golden Age Of Gaia   –   4-25-17



Sunday, April 22nd, was the first day of our week-long project for Peace and Love, where we are standing or sitting as Archangel Michael is blowing his Blue Breath of Peace through us for 8 minutes at 9PM (your time), wherever we are on Gaia.

During the afternoon on Sunday, a small conflict arose, between myself and a friend.

Knowing that a big part of our job as lightworkers is to be consciously aware of our false grids and core issues, our old entrenched beliefs and mental/emotional constructs, I wasn’t too surprised this happened, especially because this week has an emphasis on peace.

From my inner work I’ve found that (A) our unconscious false grids tend to manifest physical suffering, pain, and ageing, and (B) our unconscious core issues, feelings not of love, tend to create mental/emotional suffering. 


Sunday night, I had stood for 8 minutes at 9PM, while Archangel Michael’s Blue Breath flowed through me.

I didn’t sleep very well because I was worried about the conflict I had participated in that day, and that that person wanted to have a meeting, and discuss it the following morning.

My work with false grids and core issues has shown me that worry is a false grid of broken trust.

What I didn’t expect was how much more I would discover about myself at the meeting.

Between the two of us, I uncovered grids and issues that I hadn’t seen before — deeper understanding of old beliefs and feelings — and how clearly they have created my reality.

I really get now how when all conflict can be viewed with awareness, and the ability to listen to the self and each other, it is truly a gift, a way for us to let go of our old beliefs and to understand our sorrows and fears.


The hardest thing to do is to look at the self without judgement or fear, to view everything that is not of love, with Love, to Love oneself during discovery.

When we can feel and forgive with Love the old emotions, beliefs, situations  — knowing that they are not real — and name the grids and issues, so we have conscious awareness of them, they lose their power to create our reality.

Our unconscious grids and issues create chaos, addiction to pain, all dis-ease, when we are not cognizant of them.

I understand that there is always more to let go — we need to make sure we give ourselves the time needed to to do this — then with intent we can create our self-worth and self-Love, Nova Being. 

Archangel Michael’s Breath is helping us with our awareness of false grids and core issues, bringing to the surface our inner conflict.


I feel much lighter since the heart-to-heart conversation with my friend, more joyful, with greater understanding of why I do things.

When we face into our fear, in truth is joy for sacred purpose.

I am in gratitude for the discussion and to the unseen beings around us for the conscious awareness that came, the greater understanding of Who I Am.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for this week of your Breath of Peace — for our individual creation of peace within — greater understanding and knowing of Who We Are, what creates peace collectively.

When there are billions holding the energy of the only acceptable reality being peace and love, then peace will reign.” 

Archangel Michael


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