Heavenletter #5989 – Go Ahead, Make Mistakes – 4-18-17



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God said:

Beloveds, don’t be afraid to make a wrong move.

Who told you that you have to be perfect in the eyes of the world? Not I. A desire for perfection may well immobilize you from moving forward. Desire for perfection often stalls you. It is a delaying action. Brave is the Soul Who can let go of having to be perfect in the world.

I understand how it is not generally easy for you to be cavalier with mistakes. I have to tell you directly that you must let go of the idea of perfection in the world. You have to. When you do, this will be a red-letter day. This will be cause for celebration. Doing your best and having to be perfect are too different things.

Remind yourself more than once that everything in this world is compared to something else.

Look, your first draft at writing a story could turn out to be more real, more solid, more magnificent than all the fine-toothed versions that follow. You can revamp grammar, refine the structure, etc., and you may also remove all the life from your story. Momentum has great value.

Perfection may not let go of its hold on you. Some of My blessed souls, rather than living their lives, stall them at every turn. Your intellect is not to always come first. Satisfy your heart, your heart, your beautiful heart.


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