California’s Wildflower ‘Super Bloom’ Transforms Deserts into Paintings – Kathleen Mary Willis

FlFloral Desert

Southern California is enjoying a wildflower “super bloom” after years of extreme drought.

The state had been under a drought state of emergency since 2014, but Gov. Jerry Brown lifted the order for all but four counties, earlier this month.

The wet winter strained reservoirs to the max and replenished mountain snowpacks, which are now at 164 percent of the season average.

Desert plants are appreciating the extra moisture — so much so that you can see the difference from space. (1)

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The view from the ground is even more spectacular.

Why California Deserts Are Experiencing a ‘Super Bloom’

Photos: The “super bloom” in California’s desert after the drought

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“Rain of Love For All On Gaia”

Steve congratulates everyone who meditated saying:

“You turned the desert into a watered plain.”


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