Fusion of Higher into Lower Self…Openhand Experience – nialet @ OpenHand – 4-7-17




I had a powerful experience during the New Year retreat when we were doing Higher Self exercise. Open, you may remember that. While the song playing, i had very strong vibration came over me, felt like being under high voltage but not painful. The vibration was all around me and through me. I tried to touch my fingers but could not feel them in a physical way, just energy.
That was an incredible experience, something i didn’t expect and remember the feeling.

Later, I had a similar experience during meditation. At that time, i felt some kind of energy that wanted to rise from base chakra (maybe sacred sexual energy ). It felt like i was entering unknown territory and had some apprehension. And that’s when the strong vibration came over and the energy subsided.

Since then I could feel slight vibration in the body most of the day in the quite setting, during meditation or bedtime. It is the same kind of as on both occasions but much less intense. Especially at bedtime while lying on the back, I am not able to fall asleep. In fact, last night seemed like i didn’t get much sleep because of that. Maybe, i will get more sleep today.

I am not sure what it all means but one work comes into – “fusion” (of Higher Self?) I will stay with it and see where it takes me. Any reflections on this would be welcomed!

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