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This conversation began on December 9th, 2015.

“Who is this?” I feel you rather powerfully.

You have called upon us with your signal – a very specific signal/request – we are being referred to now as an “Ancient Builder Race” and our “ruins”, what we would call “remainders,” are found everywhere. Your one known as Corey is disclosing much truth. The facts around this truth and these remainders is yet to be spoken.

I had to sleep. I am back now and ready. I will restate my declarations… okay.

We sense your depletion – that was not our intent. It is our first encounter with one such as a human in this way, in this method. We rather enjoy the sensation of your signature. We do not wish to overcome you with ours.

Yes. Let’s try this again. Who are you?

We are the race of beings from time before time, before what has come to be known as your history. You understand creation and how it works?

I do not know what you mean by that.

You “get” the process?

Please, explain your understanding of creation and where we both fit in that picture – I am getting ideas now…
(I was receiving passages/packets of data all at once.)

There is an initial spark once emitted at the birth of each creator. This is what has been called genesis. The life of that spark has no end. Yet its form and expression expands, explores and reaches beyond itself until the “distance” between beginning and now is unfathomable.


Let us tell you a story. We do not believe you have heard it told this way before.

A creator exists and thus creates. Once created – all are evolving and simultaneously creating – all at the level in which they began.

Evolution occurs, creation continues.

The species, the life, the existence brought forth with that original thought transcends itself as a whole.

It continues to evolve and create, yet in form so unlike its inception that its existence is unrecognizable.

In each creative endeavor, there is an assumption made. You have been referring to this assumption as “dimensions”.

Although we are not fond of the comparison – it may ease our explanation a bit to compare the dimension idea to levels of school or development.

A new child cannot fathom complex mathematical procedures, it can barely comprehend summation. An older child however will not only perform multi-faceted operations but will barely notice the part of them that involved such a rudimentary process as addition. It is, to them, so simple and basic (that) it is not noticed.

Creation expands infinitely. Beings on planets with structures and the dense materials necessary to build them are all a part of the initial idea of creation – building things – permanent things to house permanent solid people/beings – creatures – life.

Following our example, these ideas are close to the ‘1+1’ part of the development process – necessary but oh so tiny a portion of what is possible. Compare it to exponents and you’ll perhaps see what we mean.

You see now and find now what you can comprehend – relics, buildings, ruins left on planets – which means “someone” has inhabited these places “before now” and has left.

Consider the possibility that we’ve transcended beyond your current assumption of life – you are finding now what your mind can make sense of – it is a building block. Now, the possibility of us exists (in the human mind).

What if we told you that not only a race of ancient occupiers of this solar system, but many? That infinity holds within it the possibility of all directions and forms? That there are no limits to what existence looks like and creates?

To simplify, we have proceeded through this current assumption you occupy and many more. We are not the only ones, neither are you. You represent for us a golden offspring of possibility.

Our pleasure in this exchange is so very great, for you are not rudimentary, just unformed, like a caterpillar.

We see your wings.

The ones known as human have been foreseen and foretold and are so very loved by all of creation. It is said that you hold within your genome a spark of every possibility.

The enormity of that is beyond description.

We would like to suggest that you avert your eyes and cease to worry about what came “before” and/or what they left “behind” and instead see what you now are establishing as the miracle it is.

I must go. I would very much like to speak again.

Yes. That is possible.

December 10th, 2015

I would like to continue the conversation with the beings referred to as “the Ancient Builder Race”.

This is possible now. Yes.

Thank you. It felt as if we ended abruptly and that there is more to be said?

There is. There is so much to be given regarding creation.

It will be of assistance perhaps as you proceed through your own expansion. Where we have been, where you are, you too are, you too are headed. This is evolution.


Which is a misnomer because all possibilities exist at once. This is why you have heard it said “the end is guaranteed”. It is the process of evolving that is experienced individually by each component of Source.

The experience itself leaves an impression on the singular component known as life. Lessons, experiences, processes are absorbed by the One and the entire procedure is one of evolving, transcending, becoming.

What is it that you are becoming? You are becoming more of that which you are.


It is not that beings go someplace and leave behind ruins, it is that they proceed on an evolutionary path along a sequence of assumptions and developments.

There are a myriad of ways for this to occur, not all progress as the human is in this now moment.

You will comprehend what it is you are able to at any given now moment. As we illustrated in our earlier conversation, it is a process that follows a natural progression. One will eventually lead to another one. The deeper use of what is known already is part of the next stage and the next stage and the next. This is the process of evolution. Things are absorbed and utilized and built upon, not forgotten.

You evolved as we are now?

Not exactly, no. For us it was slower and yet, all at once.

What else can you tell me about this process?

That as a sentient and now awake bit of creation you will aid in the process for all of creation by what you are doing now.

Hold on. (I was interrupted here and did not return that day.)

December 15th, 2015

I would like now to continue with the Ancient Builder Race.

Yes. We are anxious to do so.

Okay, I am here. I am ready to engage.
We would only say this.

The pre-occupation with relics and remnants is interesting only until there is awareness of how they came to be and why.

Those occupying your planet now, who grasp the fullness of this life and implications of its alternate expressions, do not worry about things left behind unless they offer materials or information as an assist to reaching beyond this current expression.

Said simply, it is imperative that now, as conscious creators, the question of “to what end?” is entertained before embarking on any focus of energy.

Looking at what is in ruins and relegated to your “past” will not yield much. Not as much as a look toward what it is you have seen only glimpses of now – the new world inhabited as the next assumption.

In the remaining moments of your physical expansion, all thoughts and acts are considered holy – they are preparatory and predictive.


There are no prizes for uncovering the most – all is known already. You must be looking into the expanse in order to witness it.

“Time” spent looking “back” or “down” may be spent more productively looking “forward” toward possibility.

What we will leave you with is a notion of us – we are not gone, but awaiting your expanded awareness into yet another assumption. Your arrival as a race has been foreseen. We are complete for now.

Thank you. Goodbye then.

Yes. This is your way of ending contact. Goodbye to you.

This conversation is now complete.

It is through mutual support that we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.

No one can do this but us.

We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,
Sophia Love


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