May Your Name Be Hallowed


To name God is to give Him that worship by which men praise Him for His qualities, that is, His wisdom, goodness, power, justice, truth and mercy.

We ask, then, that God’s majesty might be hallowed because of its qualities. This is not, of course, because His majesty is capable in itself of any increase or decrease. But all must revere it as holy; it must be acknowledged and extolled. Whatever God does, His actions must be considered glorious, as they truly are.

So then, if God punishes, He must be considered just; if He forgives, He must be considered merciful; if He fulfills His promises, He must be considered truthful. And seeing that His glory is, as it were, engraved in everything, and that it shines there, His praises must resound in every mind and on every tongue.

John Calvin, Truth For All Time, pp.55, 56.

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