Zorra Updates – One who knows – Peter Sterling, his Near-death Experience!


Zorra, of Hollow Earth





Zorra always has a way of bringing peace and balance in the midst of all the confusing information and chaos in our world. We welcome all of our new listeners as our family continues to grow. For you new comers, you will learn the importance of our connection with our brothers and sisters who reside within our Inner and Hollow Earth. We also have and had connections and communications with our Galactic families, cetacean and elemental kingdoms. There is so much to learn from both Zorra, Saraiya and Zayaya, beloved beings from Hollow Earth. 

A regular on our calls is One Who Knows. He brings us positive teachings to learn and to live by including Intel information to boot!  

We will have a special guest, Peter Sterling. He will share is spiritual gouney with us about his enlightenment and the beautiufl gift he received that he now shares with the world. Don’t miss this!

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!


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  1. You mention the headbands @ the top of the page, but can’t find any info anywhere else on this link; I heard of them today via an interview I came across with Billie (poss. a few years back by now) but would like to know if the cost has gone up from the $95 he mentioned…and where I could learn a bit more about them…esp re. determining which quartz crystals are amongst the most effective choices.




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