PLEIADIAN BROADCAST MARCH 2017 ~ CHRISTINE DAY – by The Golden Channel – March 2017

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Published on Mar 27, 2017

We are very excited to bring you the March 2017 Pleiadian Broadcast. This is a very special broadcast, coming to you from our land in Grand Marais, MN. Join us as we bring you the very beautiful energies from the communication portals. Remember the transmissions in these Broadcasts have an accumulative effect on you. You transform each time you watch as your ability to carry new levels of the frequencies within these processes expands. You are really being asked to let go and breathe!


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  1. Thank you Christine have just done your activation of the heart follow you on high density blog so hope I did it right as kept doubting myself along the way. had a good cry as we finished. cannot find your email address? bless you for all you do you are loved. xxxxxx


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