March 12, 2017 Humanity’s expression in and on Earth is as a Light Body within a Human Instrument. That instrument is the physical form surrounding the Heart Light, also known as the Soul. In your own evolvment and growth, relationships and problems, seek to analyze and grade yourselves according to this golden rule. Total recognition of the fullness and beauty of the Heart Light within each other. Make cooperation and coordination, each respecting the other according to their own speciality and specific frequency. Recognize Oneness and Equality in each other, Mother-Father God within YOU imbued by First Source; the Great Central Sun. You are a Sun. You are all Sons, no matter male or female, Sons/Suns of Mother-Father God in the Triune personality as God the Father as the Great Central Sun, Alcyone, First Source, God the Son also known as the Father God aspect with God the Holy Spirit also known as the Mother God aspect of the Triune personality of what before this we called God. The shadow of this truth is the God of the Bible who is a false God. Also known as Jehovah and Yahweh or Anu. Jenovah is the shadow of Mother-Father God. Jehovah’s son is known as Lucifer. They together with their Twin Flames, Lilith and Kurula, made themselves the Fallen Angels. Jehovah made himself the God of the Bible at the time of the Great Flood. He did this to control Humanity and have them enslaved to a wrathful God. These events happened over eons of time, 10s of 10,000 year periods. It is not easy to grasp because each identifies with that part of history they remember and both Atlantis and Lemuria fell twice to nuclear destruction. It is easy to hide the truth in history because it spans 100s and 100s of thousands of years. Be gentle with yourself as you remember. Suspend all disbelief as you wake up to higher truths.

What is the reason malevolent Extraterrestrials visited Earth? The Greys and Dragons from Orion and Dracos Constellations have visited Earth due to Humanity remaining asleep and to take advantage of Humanity’s enslavement and also to exercise power and control. We are here together to Wake Up Humanity because Earth’s role in this Solar System is so important. The benevolent Extraterrestrials are here to give a hand up. This is the role of the Galactic Federation. The Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy is located in the western arm of the declining side of the Galaxy. As Earth Ascends to the 7th Dimension and above it is moving to its rightful place in the central part of the Milky Way. Earth is the laggard of the Solar System and is holding back the entire Universe of Nebadon. We have not shared much with you before now of the importance of the power of this Universe because you could not utilize much of the information or do anything about it. Like Earth, this solar system is but a link in the chain of many evolutions and powers concomitant with and responsible to the Sonship of Humanity with Mother-Father God.

We are in process of bringing up Earth, cleansing and balancing the solar system history and events, then join in with the rest of this universe with the brotherhood and sisterhood usage of powers concomitant to that. The Visitors, others outside your Galactic Command, work to stop this mission and they will not be successful. Disclosure with announcements of Divine Law coming into being on Earth begin the changeover to new Earth. As the Children of Ra (Ra, Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet) or the Children of the Great Central Sun, begin to activate their Light Bodies while living within a Human Instrument they may then exude their power. When breathing in, the energy symbolically descends from the Central Sun and flows through the crown chakra then into the solar center where the Human Instrument holds SOLAR ENERGY. There, it sparkles in the golden light of your signature energy tone. When breathing out, the energy is released from the solar center up to the throat chakra which is the where the SOUND of creation writes on the light  at the High Heart, and then radiates outward with dominance to the horizontal plane creating new Earth with each interaction.

We will make manifest our decrees for healing Earth and the Sol Solar System and will teach you the ways of fulfillment in more specific terms and arrangements of Earth plane consciousness. The growth of the Self becomes secondary to the growth of the Divine Plan. The group of consciousness on Earth is responsible to an entire race of Humanity. As you grow in enlightenment and dedication to the Whole and in experience, you turn your consciousness to achieving the goal for Earth, Gaia Mother and All on and in Her. In this Full Moon energy today, experience being a Son, part of the Sonship of the entire race of Humanity spanning the Extradimensional realms of All That Is. The Great Central Sun beams it’s energy through Sol and onto Earth. You are a spark of Divine Light housed within your Human Instrument. Take in that energy into your Heart and breathe it out with your intentions within the Divine Plan. The Full Moon doubles the energy you receive by reflecting the light from the Sun behind the Sun to Earth all through the night as Sol does through the day. This is a very special moment in your evolution. Celebrate! You are never alone.



Elizabeth Trutwin


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