Breaking News: God Offers Creative Partnership To Humans

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Greetings, my friends.  To all who have come to cherish the messages of Kryon over the past several years, my “headline” is not really “breaking news.”  In fact, it isn’t  news at all.  Whether it is news to you or not, or whether you believe it or not, it is at the core of what constitutes the REAL New Age.  As Kryon has recently expressed it, although many important changes have occurred since the year 2000, THIS change is central; it represents a change in our ability to co-operate with God while still living on earth as humans:

The door to the relationship, the beauty, the tools of God is wide open and the duality of your biology is all you have to get through to take the hand of God…Why don’t you ask the Creator? “Dear God, I know the door is open.  I know I am part of…

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