L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Your Aura and Communication ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Your Aura

“At the deeper levels there are no secrets.  It is all known.  The frequency MATCH of a partner, out of all people in the world, is the frequency vibration you have together, have had together in past lives, and now share together.  This may be the perfect match, your twin flame, who deeply match on all levels.  Or a Soul mate partner, or friend, who together, are going through similar things, and shared past lives together in similar roles.  All of this is KNOWN AT THE deeper levels of consciousness.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

Your energy field, the frequency you transmit as YOU. Going about your day, those you come in contact with are subconsciously knowing what you are transmitting. It is all in your Aura.

Your thoughts and emotions, even if felt hidden, are known energetically and subconsciously by others through the Aura.

Seeing Auras and seeing what takes place on the…

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