March Equinox 2017 ~ Stabilization, Resurrection & Personal Sovereignty ~ March 18, 2017


By Natalia Alba, 03/17/2017

Beloved Ones,

In the last phase of this month, we find ourselves traversing the threshold that is leading us into a higher state of BEing and new ways of living in this New Cycle of our endless soul evolutionary path. For as you may already be feeling, our Planet, who has been bifurcating from old Earth for a while, is already relocating itself within a new dimension, entering into a higher space within this New Octave in which we have consciously decided to dwell.

It is during this Equinox that we will be infused with a new cosmic wave, for us to finally disengage from the old 3D frequency and its limitations. It is a time to clear old timeliness and begin to merge our frequency with that of New Terra, for the time to step into this New vibrational reality, out of space and…

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