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Discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids – I have found Tesla’s TORSION FIELDS at the Bosnian Pyramids – 2-14-17 – by Ascension With Earth


Thanks to   http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2017/02/discoverer-of-bosnian-pyramids-i-have.html

Radio Sarajevo

Dr. Semir Osmanagić, the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids explains he has made another fascinating discovery which not only changes the history of the European Continent, but that of the entire planet. The discovery of Tesla’s standing waves at the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun—which are believed to travel faster than the speed of light, while not losing strength as they pass through cosmic bodies—prove the existence of something referred to as a cosmic web or cosmic internet which allow for a immediate intergalactic communication throughout the universe,writes Dr. Osmanagić.

Recorded energetic phenomena above the Pyramid of the Sun at Visoko seek a different definition of a pyramid compared to conventional, dogmatic explanations. The pyramids are energy boosters that send and receive information through the sun.





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February 25, 2017 at 4:40 am

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