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So I am being guided to report some of the changes that I have personally been undergoing lately as the energies that continue to pummel this planet and solar system continue and accelerate.

I have been having some wild dreams where I am involved in some interesting missions and operations. I would direct those who are interested in that to my dream journal which I have been actively updating. Here is an excerpt:

  • I dreamt that we were finally in a post-disclosure world. Everything was computerized but in a good benevolent way. I think we were still transitioning from the old world though. I remember knowing of reptilians who lived listening to Chopin. They were just like regular people like you and me. I walked by this indoor parking lot and every space had its own computer.

I have been experiencing more ringing in the ears, as I described in Ascension Symptoms. I was getting this weird pain in the right side of my head that got pretty bad on several occasions. Not sure if that’s an attack or not. I’m still twitching like I’m being electrocuted everywhere. Sleep has been better but sometimes I don’t get much. Colors are more vibrant and everything has so much deep beauty. I have still been experiencing heart palpitations which I have read is normal and my EKG was fine last time I read it

The real world I see in person and the world on the internet are vastly different. I am seeing ugliness that has grown to extreme levels lately on Facebook and other social media websites. No doubt some Cabal divide and conquer tactics in these last days of duality. The world I see in person is beautiful and people are more awake now than ever before.

One thing that I have been getting clarity on is that this whole process of Ascension and clearing isn’t totally a Macro sequence of events but a Micro set also, meaning each of us personally. I used to be very fixed on when The Event would happen and when this would happen and when that would occur until I realized that I am shifting too. My diet is changing and I am finding myself more focused on current events or the latest intel about when this whole thing will happen.

I’ve learned that this whole process is also very individualized and each of us is an infinitely important morphing thread in this vast intertwined tapestry we call our blossoming new world and group consciousness. Every moment is the birth of a new reality that you and I are creating, we are creators!

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