OPEN HAND – Conscious Creating Journal How to find your True Destiny? – 1-19-17

Today in our “Creating Higher Conscious Change” Journal through January, I felt to contemplate with you the true nature of destiny. Do we each have one, and if we do, how do you find it?

I notice that in the Spiritual Mainstream there’s an open conflict about destiny, like an open wound that inadvertently draws people into limitation. How so?

Spiritual Teachers often talk of ‘sacred contracts’ for example, something that we’re (supposedly) all here to do. But then in the same breath they’ll speak of the “one moment of now”. How can the future be laid out if there’s one moment of now?

I observe that the flow is definitely not fixed (how can that be flow?!). Although there is consistency in the general direction, you definitely can’t predict exactly how it will run. Because the flow is spontaneous, and influenced by the consciousness landscape it moves within.


So in the Openhand Approach, destiny is not pre-determined as something to do. However, it may certainly feel that way in certain conditions – where everything seems to magically click in around you. This happens when you’re totally in the flow of who you are – when you’re simply being authentically you. True destiny then, in the Openhand Approach, is all about fulfilling the majesty and greatness of you. The flow shapes from this authentic beingness.

It’s all about unleashing your greatness. Every single one of us has greatness within them. Greatness isn’t measured of course by being famous, popular or wealthy. Greatness is the essence of your soul, for your soul is a unique expression of the One, and the One in you is truly great – just look at what you can be!

The problem is that so many people get caught in what they think they have to do from moment to moment, “in order to survive”, that they don’t unleash their greatness. And so they get caught in a downward spiral of mediocrity. They believe they simply don’t have enough time to squander on unleashing the magic at the core of them.

Paradoxically, when you truly unleash your greatness, you find you don’t have to struggle to survive at all. Because your progessively unleashed greatness begins to magically create all around you.

So how do you unleash your destiny – the greatness at the core of you?

Here are 9 straightforward suggestions you can begin today:

  • Become the observer of yourself; watch yourself keenly in all that you do
  • Let go of the need for the situation you’re in, to go a particular way
  • Recognise the purpose of EVERY moment is to unleash your Greatness and there is nothing else going on
  • Feel deeply into every moment through the five senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing; let the psychic sixth senses activate.
  • Work to soften any internal resistance to what’s going on in the moment; feel your inner retraction, your tightness and reaction. Work to unwind this inside yourself
  • Now watch and feel for the arising of an authentic expression; perceived as a sense of rightness within you
  • Give all of yourself, all your emotion, passion and commitment to expressing this authentic beingness
  • Watch as your greatness manifests the world around you, creating new possibilities and paths
  • Walk forwards into the world on the path of light that the greatness of your soul creates.

It’s not something that’s going to be fulfilled by putting aside 5 minutes here and there to it. Although you can begin gently that way. Ultimately to fully realise it though, requires and all-in, full-on commitment. And when you really begin to sense this, you realise there’s actually nothing else but the revelation of this going on anyway – the question is, how long will you postpone the inevitable?

Unleashing your destined greatness
Here at Openhand it’s our passion to unleash the greatness in people, to help them realise their true destiny. There is simply nothing more rewarding or fulfilling. Give us a chance to express our greatness by helping you find yours…Openhand Courses & Events

We’ll be sure to have a wonderful win win experience!



Author: Higher Density Blog

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