Lisa Transcendance Brown – Remembering Deep, Sacred and Unconditional Love – by Rose Rambles dotorg – 11-23-16

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By Lisa Brown, 12/23/2016

The human lacks deep sacred love, honor and respect. All occurs to assist with each fully REMEMBERING this. ♥

We have to do more than say the words… we have to BE it in everything we do and say….

Lack is our own. Judgment is our own. When we lack this within us it shows in our actions and presents LOUDLY in our physical reality world.

“It doesn’t matter what they do, it’s what WE DO”… these were the words years ago when someone else came from lack of integrity and honor and a student spoke for me to “do back/react”. In that moment, the words inside were “NO. It doesn’t matter what they do. This is my integrity, my honor and where I come from now.” and these were the words I spoke to her and I’ve lived by ever since.

From that moment forward, I never allowed another to dictate my own honor, integrity or actions …. I took my power back. I realized this was all on me, what I was creating, allowing, transmitting and holding… in my own “every moment of the day”. I realized many things along the way. These “epiphanies” are your soul/higher self speaking to you, guiding you and waiting for you to “get it” and apply this higher consciousness KNOWLEDGE to your own every day/physical reality everything….

One day in the bathroom: “You don’t have the right”… were the words very early on. I am like “what”? and the rest of it was “You don’t have the right to take their experience away from them and try to inner-fear. That’s your lack, your need, your selfishness when you won’t allow another their chosen experience here”. This was profound for me, it really put me in my place. As a higher self, I was constantly putting me in my place. Me as a higher self speaking to my human me….

I started listening to everything from that point forward…. hearing the soft subtle voice that was trying to GUIDE ME BACK TO MY PURE ME and an existence forgotten…..

I started writing all the realizations down, creating courses, writing, teaching, sharing… and I haven’t stopped…. bringing eons of knowledge forth to assist in the awakening, expansion and embodiment process here.

Higher consciousness everything will come forth as you are ready, open, listening and go inside, where the inner planes become the outer realities, where the inner dimensions activate the higher dimensions to become real here.

As humans we avoid going inside to listen and see. We create judgments, fear and excuses, finding every distraction possible to keep from awakening to the purity and exquisiteness of our own soul. Yet as we do, the journey becomes the most amazing and brilliant one. One of continual surprises, opportUNITY and gifts. One of seeing what is really true and what was an unconscious illusion, feeling the pureness of DIVINE LOVE/DIVINITY…. something words cannot even begin to describe. Connecting with all things AS ONE AGAIN…. the magic, the bliss, the high…..

Light is intoxicating at first and we get addicted to it because we are CONNECTED AGAIN. We LOVE the expanded state, yet until we can maintain expansion in every moment, we don’t love the contracted states, which are very necessary in working through and realizing our own human’ness and what we CREATED to EXPERIENCE HERE to teach us/show us/awaken us….. finally and fully….

We do understand though and we start to work with all realities for the purposes that they present. We get it… finally. Wow it took a lot to get us fully open and on-board didn’t it?

The vibrational realities that we have achieved transcend all things comprehensible to our human aspects, which is why we don’t even try to fit “all of this” into those boxes…. we just wait until each is truly ready…. to leave those limits, boxes and realities behind…. for they will, when IT IS TIME.

As we focus on ourselves fully, we start to really get it…. and this is what gives us the capability to fulfill our SOUL’S purposes/missions/roles and to achieve our dreams and desires that we didn’t even know existed and our human once believed to be impossible….. That word alone is a human creation that we transcend with great ease from within. ♥

LISTEN to your own aspects… determine what is truly in alignment NOW. YOU hold all of the answers inside, when you truly are ready to open up, listen and honor all from within again. ♥

I love you. Happy activating, integrating and embodiment here. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Diamond Light Key Code Holder & Guardian here

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