5 Clear Signs That A Deceased Loved One Is Near You – 12-5-16



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Susoni note: After my Brother drowned, in the Meremac River at age 24, My home electronics went crazy. The TV would come on and the volume would go up when no one was in the living room or in the wee early hours of the AM. The Microwave would turn on all by itself (I had the mother board replaced and it still did it… And yes, I had the electricity checked for the house — by an electrician) .. Lights would flicker all kinds of things. It was only after I acknowledged that it could have been him (I’d say Hi Barry!) that it stopped. Sometimes I smell my Dad’s Cherry/Whiskey tobacco. He used to smoke it in a pipe occasionally .. Also dreams.. so many dreams!! Barry, my brother, told me where a necklace of my mothers was in the attic of our childhood home (in a Dream after he drowned.) When I told my Mom, she looked at me like I was crazy until she went home and went up to the attic.. Yep, it was there next to a rafter like he said..

PS A Neighbor that we all called ‘granny’ came to me the night she passed, in a dream. She pulled up in a stretch Limo, all decked out like it was New Years eve. She raised up out of the sun roof and told me that she was on her way to the party of the century.. Smiling, dancing in her seat and having a blast.. She had champagne and more.. 🙂


From Reader Kyle:

You don’t have to be a psychic or have any special powers at all to get in touch with loved ones. They can come to us to reassure us through difficult decisions as well as helping us over the grieving process which can be a long, drawn out experience. If we could all raise our awareness a little more, we might just find comfort in knowing we are never alone.


A vivid dream of a loved one is classified as a lucid dream or a vision because of the potency of the dream. These can be so intense, they will wake us up in the night, leaving us filled with emotion.


This can be felt shortly after a loved one’s passing and it feels like a stroke of the hand or back. Others may feel they are not alone and a presence in the room, even if there i no obvious sign.


It’s not uncommon for passed spirits to affect electrical components in the home. You may notice a spate of burnt out light bulbs or other devices going haywire, for no apparent reason. This means they are trying to get your attention and you’re not listening.


There have been many accounts of items in the home suddenly disappearing and then re-appearing in a place you know you had recently checked.


One whiff of a certain scent can bring back instant memories, whether it be cigar smoke or perfume and you know those smells had no reason to be there.

There was a well known story of a little girl playing with plastic cups and plates. She told her mom she had to get another plate for Bill. When she was asked who Bill was, she said he was sitting at the table, waiting for his lunch. Bill was their 90 year old neighbor who had just passed away. As he lived on his own, he often joined them for lunch!


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