SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Who Are You? – 11-21-16

As we reach ever closer to the edge of November, a time predicted to be of Great Change, personal changes are contemplated.  This human life is strewn with addictions. Those that are physical are readily identified.  Those that are emotional, not so much. However, this Fall they’ve been laid bare.

In the midst of crisis, (family in this case), I find myself reflected on every available surface.  Questions arise.  “Is this my best side?” “Is this a helpful aspect?” “Does this serve anyone?” “What is being perpetrated here?” “What are you looking for with this comment or action or attitude?” “Does this serve the greatest good?” ‘What would love do?”

It is interesting and unexpected.  All of life asks the question – “Who are you?” The response comes instantly alongside a new thing – a third person’s view. Is this the beginning of multi-dimensionality? I watch myself be myself and then contemplate both.  The Chinese Curse is upon us. “May you live in interesting times.”

The energies washing over us now bathe us in intensity.  There is a fine point put on each interaction.  Our life is being outlined for us this time with a Black Sharpie Marker, so we can’t miss any detail.  This helps us to define what is kept and what is tossed.  We are choosing who we be.

Is it weird to say “I’m not what I expected?” Or that, maybe, until now, I’ve never really put it together?

It’s as if there was wood and nails and a hammer and a saw and a cushion and some fabric lying on the floor.  While I stood in the room, saying over and over, “I wish I had a chair so I could sit down.” Until I first saw the component pieces and then figured out how they went together in a way that I wanted them to, I remained uncomfortable and complaining.

I’ve noticed the parts now.  Their sharp outline has helped a great deal.  It is sort of a mess with them lying all around.  Yet I see how they could be put together into something comfortable and useful.  There’s a more than good chance it won’t look like the chair I had pictured.  That one was designed from a magazine ad and a window display; colored with my addictions.

This one will be easy on the eyes and comfortable, which is just what I need.  It is also; it turns out, the only one that pretty much follows the original blueprint.  This blueprint is the one I had clutched to my heart while I drew my first breath.  This time right now is about choosing and then making physical, who we be.

There are so many mirrors to choose from!  Once you settle on one, relax and get comfortable.  The Sharpie Fine Point outline will get to work.  Who you are will be so bold and clear there will be no duplicates.

You see, we’ve used each other for ideas and suggestions and even directions (when we were really confused).  This moment now demands self-definition.  The ONE that we are needs the one that you are. Oneness is not identical. Oneness is a symphony.  Your part is both necessary and unique.

This moment brings forth your individual note. It will get louder and louder until you recognize it and accept it as you. Acceptance yields power. This is you. Love yourself without exception.  Enjoy this song you’ve helped us play and find the best seat.  It’s show time.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

In gratitude and with love for all that you be,

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