By Ann, Not Just a Blonde

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In this moment I send Gratitude into the Universe as I let go of the need for others to accept me, like me and approve of all that I say or do.

The striving for everyone to like me is pointless! Unless I give away or deny parts of myself on a daily basis I can never come close to this futile goal.

So why did I do it? In the past it was out of fear; fear that included me not trusting my own viewpoints or values. It came down to me not believing I mattered just as much as another. I feared being selfish or self-centered by asking to get my needs met or my opinions respected.

My need to be liked came from the fear that I may behave in a way that would be unloving or offensive to those that matter most to me. Ironically, this fear caused me to not speak out, not speak up, and hide my truth from those who I love… shutting them out of any true potential to know me and authentically love me for who I really am. This sabotaged trust and intimacy in the very relationships that matter the most to me.

I believed the lie that perhaps others unrealistic expectations of me were achievable… but today I see clearly they are not.

So today I am Grateful to those vocal few who do not like what I say, unapproved of how I say it, and judge my actions and choices. It is with learning to let go of their influence on my mood, my peace and my behavior that I can embrace the truth… it’s not personal as those critics will always tend to find fault with others, not just me! Some folks will continue to focus on all that is wrong instead of noting all that is right and good.

See, it’s not about me at all! I am grateful to see that now and to be able to practice the true art of letting go of the need to please.


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