Lisa Transcendance Brown – Collectives Exiting the Matrix Simulation – Awakening to the Magic of Free Existence – 11-12-16



Ahhhh, don’t you LOVE awakening to the magic and amazingness that comes with these higher frequencies when you are FREE INSIDE from absolutely everything? When all you’ve got to do is get up, focus on making a difference, focus on sharing more love, more light, more knowledge of our NEW Earth Existence now?

Don’t you LOVE just allowing all to unfold/materialize for you, with ease? The brilliance of these vibrations and the beauty of all in unherolded by anything before (here on this physical earthly plane).

We now move into the POWER of the SUPER FULL MOON as the 11/11 Gateway opened and now leads us into the SOLSTICE GATEWAY…. which will open with the Super Full Moon in a few days… We continue to go higher in frequency daily, yet thus far today, again… very soft activations right now…..

Now, we have entire collectives in different places vibrationally, different phases of their own Soul Awakening Journey and “levels” of consciousness (only using the word to describe, for we don’t compare here). Some just now waking up, startled, confused, lost… Others still deeply entrenched in the old programs not realizing those are their own realities collapsing so that they can wake up too, many in the sleeping phases anchoring photonic light & the Lucid Dream here, many walking in the lucid dream finally, playing and having fun, becoming light-hearted so that they can move into full-service mode and those in full-service mode, who get up each day and literally work…. to reach the masses who are in seeking/ research-mode right now trying to understand/make sense of a very confusing process… which is how it begins for all in whatever way each chose to experience this. We also have so very many leaving the bliss phase and moving into multi-dimensional existence where each figures out/learns how to balance all from within, while anchoring the new realities easier and “manifest” easily, which is what we call materialization (where physical matter takes form in response to all that each generates/puts out vibrationally and physically for their Universe to RETURN vibrationally a RETURN to support your work in-service, your new fully and infinite abundant realities here now…. There are easy keys & codes to each of these realities. Which is why we share! ♥

Collectives EXITING THE MATRIX SIMULATION, so LightKeepers you step into your next phase now too. As old timelines collapse, new ones open up…. simultaneously…. this is how it works.

The beauty is when you are the one in COMMAND, AS a Higher Self, as an Ascended Light BEing, as a Master, as a NEW Earth Inhabitant, then you are the one collapsing them intentionally, because you can, because it’s one of your natural and innate gifts that come forth organically as you hold more Quantum Light within. As you are fully awake and fully conscious then realities are those that you are intentionally and constantly creating/activating to come forth…. You can see/feel them floating around you in your field and you are just constantly surprised by the awesomeness when they “arrive”/materialize in the dimension you are in, which is when you vibrate into that dimension, for they are the same thing here.

So, I do hope you are ready for MORE! Because we are always just getting started, we are always experiencing new, we are always shifting, tuning, embodying more of our Divinity to IN-JOY and experience here now.

Have a truly magical day, see the GIFTS and OPPORTUNITIES in all. See what you could not see before, because your own heart/mind wasn’t open enough yet… Every bit of this is up to you. YOU have to step-up in every moment. You have to utilize all of the gifts to activate more gifts to come forth. This is how it works. You call forth more magic and brilliance as you do!

Deep profound sacred respect and love from my heart-soul to yours. Play, have fun and breathe it all through you……… REMEMBER…………. and get busy when called from within. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Multi-Dimensional Ascended Master, Author/Teacher/Coach/Guide/Speaker

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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