Rising Frequencies – “The White Horse Prophecy” – by Infinite Shift – 11-7-16

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Rising Frequencies   –   “The White Horse Prophecy”   –   by Infinite Shift   –   11-7-16



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This article is a result of my most recent experience, which occurred on 10/5/16. I was in my normal altered state of consciousness when I saw a card which was in the shape of a Tarot card. It was on a blueish background with puffy clouds at the top. There were two lightning bolts on either side of the card towards the top. Down toward the middle of the card on either side were white wings. In the direct middle of the card was a large white horse, and it had 2 yellow/brown straps underneath its belly lifting it up. I was sending this horse somewhere.

When I woke up I was completely confused. This did not appear to have anything to do with the Azoth energy that I write about, but I knew it was of huge importance. I have decided not to make

this article in 2 parts. There are so many aspects of…

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