Commander Sharman the Pleiadian, The Fifth Dimensional NOW – Suzanne Lie – by Rambling Rose dotorg – 11-6-16


This is a channelling by Dr. Suzanne Lie who brings us a message from Commander Sharman, a Pleiadian who directs a starship. We are given the knowledge to use Violet Fire with unconditional love at this time in our human ascension journey in order to deal with this time on Earth.

Their is more information in this message, so…please listen, learn more about how human emotions are such a source of power, and…



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2 thoughts on “Commander Sharman the Pleiadian, The Fifth Dimensional NOW – Suzanne Lie – by Rambling Rose dotorg – 11-6-16”

  1. Honestly, this isn’t a request so much as this just my opinion and my feelings. Just thank you so incredibly much for the help and enlightened informations, inspirations, and lessons. Thank you for all that you have done even for us more stubborn aspects of self. Thank you for your patience and your being. Thank you for hearing every thought even those that we shame ourselves for. Thank you for your understanding. Than you for being able to see past the current form and being able to identify the door situation or problem of any type of correlation. Thank you for existing. Thank you for your aspect of light. Thank you for you. Thank you for being and believing and spreading peace, hope, love, amd faith. Thank you for the technologies. Thank you for more beings we weren’t aware of. Thanking you for showing us more truth thank we are accustomed to. Thank you for showing us that we aren’t “damned” the way we have been groomed to believe. Thank you thank you thank you as far as the rabbit hole goes. I love you. May Love bless you, wrap you up and add on to your beautiful self you amazing spirit being of awesomeness.


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