Wow! Another scientific occurrence has happened tonight with the CERN project on the French-Swiss border. Let’s see if I can make partial sense of this for you!

At the CERN particle accelerator, atomic particles run through miles of underground circular tunnels at extremely high rates of speed (driven by magnetic energy) before being smashed together. Now, as of tonight (as far as we know), the need for the large circular and looping test track has been replaced by the use of plasma fields that require much less distance…only about 30 feet!

This is being called a “StarGate” because the theory calls for these tremendous explosions to actually take matter from “here” and move it to “there”, perhaps very far out there in the space/time continuum!

We all know that CERN has been the site of pretty bizarre happening that connect them with the cabal/Illuminati. Now this is all very new…

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