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There doesn’t seem to be a perfect place to begin.  Not because there is not a subject, but because there are so many.  The general subject is this shift and how it feels.  Yet this brings up questions: “How does it feel for me?” “How does it feel for others I know?” “How does it feel for the US Presidential Election?” “How does it feel for the Sioux at Standing Rock?” “How does it feel physically?” etc…

What I hear, see and feel about all of the above is best described as an unravelling, discord, a revelation and emergence.  These very specific words about this personal global effect deserve some explanation.

The old stuff isn’t working.  What we are each coming face to face with is whatever false personalities, ideas and conditions that we’ve hung on to – until today. These are things we assumed made us happy, safe, loved, healthy, vital and secure.  We assigned faith in them.  We believed they were necessary and that we needed them.  We depended on them and in their absence we are unhappy.

It may be a system of beliefs once held as sacred or absolute in things that were right and things that were wrong. It may be the presence of something – love, a partner, a full bank account, a job, a person you depended on, an ideal.  It may be health.  It may be control.

Whatever is your thing, you may find it unraveling.  As it does, all efforts to restore it prove to be futile.  We are walking on new ground.

This unraveling causes discord – it’s uncomfortable and the next step is not laid out for us or obvious to us.  We are uncertain.

These uncertainties reveal ourselves to ourselves and to everyone we engage with. There is no escaping who you are now.  With wide open eyes we are seeing each other.

Emergence is the next part.  As we are faced with new situations without our old resources to keep us steady – we’ve no choice but to pull up from within whatever parts of ourselves we wish to express.  We are at choice.  Amidst the chaos and dismantling we are deciding who we be.  Pay attention, this is your chance to get this right.

You can continue to rail at the unfairness, injustice or discomfort of it all or you can decide something new.  You are free.  This energy is off the charts, we all feel it, yet remember what is being ushered in with it; another way to do this.

Listen to your body, your heart, and your “gut feelings”.  They are more accurate than the old repetitive stuff you are used to being fed.  Consciousness asks you to pay close attention. Nothing is actually as it seems.

It’s time for all parts of you to engage.  Let go of habits that no longer serve you.  This new you is waiting.

The Sioux Tribe, (along with about 500 other Native American tribes), is standing their ground in North Dakota and has been since last April.  They are not pipeline protestors, but Water Protectors. Their peaceful and determined action and response is finally being heard as the world joins them. They show us how to do things in this new world – you do them with conviction and you do them as One.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love and gratitude,
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As I read the 2nd Chapter of your book the tears were free.. I felt a connection as I read so strong wanted to thank you in person. I have no idea where the insights will take me in your book but am very happy to be connected to you. Thank you for your sharing it is a great help.”

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