Anne De Hart with Sananda – A Tearful Goodbye to Zorra – 10-28-16

Good Morning!

It’s Just Us
Our Tribute to Zorra

Dear Ones, 
We have been told, 
“There is one thing that we can always count on:  Change.”
“All good things must come to an end.”
And even as we speak, I am hearing “There’s a New World Coming…” playing in my head. It started as I was taking a little snack to keep me going through this newsletter.  And yes, I, with you, am in tears now.
So many thoughts were in my head as I stood in the kitchen (I never sit down to eat) contemplating – and receiving – enlightenment and inspiration that will heal us all.
And once again, I look for the right words to begin…
First of all, I honor you, dear Zorra – Father God – Beloved Friend. Mentor. I speak to you now, from my HeartMind, and I know you hear me.
Such good times we have had, as you began with us in 2011… just babes then… in awe with every word we heard. We had 5-hour conference calls in those early days.
And we remember your most inspiring teachings:
“You question this? – How does it make you feel?  If it makes you feel good – happy -joyous – it is of God. – If it does not – move away.”
“Most important, is Love. Love overcomes all. There is nothing more powerful than Love.”
“If it has eyes – do not eat it. – Would you eat your brothers and sisters?”
And now, more than ever – we treasure your wise teachings.
You have taught us well. 
The question today is:  “How well have we learned?”
We knew the time would come when we would part. And so it has. 
Many of us have been with you, now into our sixth year. You have become part of our life – always with us as we anticipate the next call.
And many of our readers have just recently discovered Hollow Earth Network – HEN – and now have the comfort of feeling that they have finally found “Home.” – And we, your brothers and sisters, open our arms and hearts wide, to embrace and welcome you. – You ARE Home. 
We have all been growing up together. I am in awe to know the level of Love and Integrity of those of our HEN Family – a level of Beingness I have not found elsewhere in my 83 years. I bow and honor you – I embrace you – I serve you.
And now… to today. What a strange place in which we have found ourselves. It came unexpectedly – as it should. In Wednesday’s love letter, I documented information received. As you, I at first rebelled – defended – and then began my due diligence. Individually, I opened the subject to each of four of our highest energy readers – highly acclaimed healers – loved by so many. And without pre-knowledge, just reading the portrait, each of their responses were as one. – I also received emails from a very few, who on their own, expressed the same awareness and concerns – telling me I should – I HAD to tell their brothers and sisters. And I have also heard from some who, as I, have loved our dear Zorra and his Earth children intimately. And it all boils down to the same answer:
Dear Hearts – we no longer have access to our Beloved pure Zorra. Energies have changed. Much is in the air. Transmissions are not as openly available. 
Yet, we know, “Nothing happens by accident.”  As dear Jeffrey told me, “This has happened so that you would put this lesson out..”
And this supported my own Inner Guidance: “We are in our final tests before Graduation. And do we go to our final exams, holding the hand of our teacher? Does our teacher accompany us to the finals, before Graduation?”
Dear Ones – as our Beloved Sananda has said so many times, “We are all in this together.” We have been acknowledged – HEN – throughout the Universe – as “The best of the best.” We were hand-picked for this Mission – because we had a history of Survival. 
And where do we find our Selves today?
This HEN Collective is more powerful and able, than most of our family believes. Our biggest handicap has been – dependency on our teacher – not wanting to let go of His hand. Yet, we have been taught the great Teachings – we have heard them many times. And now we find our Selves here – with each other. Yes, we are here to pull each other through. We are here FOR EACH OTHER. We honor our Collective Oneness.
This is our proving ground. This is where we rise to the occasion. This is where we acknowledge that we HAVE achieved that which our Beloved Zorra asked of us. We come forward in our Power. We make Him proud.
Dear Hearts – our Power is LOVE. Love for one another. Love for our Selves. And we honor our God / Goddess within. Without this crowning Glory – Zorra’s Mission would be in vain.
It is time that we BE that which we came here to BE. Not children, whining for our Daddy – but all grown up now, the full accomplishment of This Mission.
Could it be, that, as Jeffrey commented, “This happened so that you would put this lesson out…” meaning, in The Plan of Prime Creator, all of this was “in the works” to bring us to this point – to put us in this Graduation Test – that we may show what we have learned?”
I truly believe that this was all pre-ordained; that we are forced to “go it alone” – relying now on each other – that we may show the Universe we HAVE arrived. We are here, as the Earth Collective, in full force, well taught, and now fully able and functioning on our own.
And THAT is Our Tribute to Zorra. He hears our HeartMind. He welcomes our thoughts.
Dear Hearts, I do love you with all my Being. I dedicate these days ahead to the fulfillment of each of our Missions. And, as our Beloved Sananda said from Peg’s keyboard, once again: 

“There is way more than one lesson in all of this and each person must find their way  home…
To respond with anything but love for yourself and for all others that are among the HEN family is most assuredly a test of each person’s growth. The new world that awaits each of us does not condemn or blame, it knows only love and acceptance. Know that you have indeed learned yet another lesson in discernment and personal power and move forward, do not look back, do not have regrets or let any other negative emotion take from you the lesson learned!”   ~  Sananda


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