JOSE SANCHEZ -Change is the Absolute Constant which we must embrace – 10-28-16

JOSE SANCHEZ   -Change is the Absolute Constant which we must embrace   –   10-28-16

There’s a cosmic game going on. A game in which we can be helpless watchers or key participants. We have the choice of being a piece in the domino effect or we can choose to be the one pushing for a powerful chain reaction.

After all we are all creators and co-creators by our thoughts, emotions and actions. We have the power to change, be the change and or to simply flow with the changes taking place at infinite velocity.

For instance, that which is happening with the election game, the rumors of war and even what our brothers standing strong to protect our sacred water and land are doing at Standing Rock and wanting to avoid the North Dakota Pipeline .they are being an example of the courage the world need and soeciallyntje American people.  Where do you stand in all of these? Are the comforts of your daily life, and or  the rat race giving you excuses to be so busy as to no take a moment of silence to send love ?

We are fighting a very real war beteeen light and darkness, good and evil and we can not and must not remain in the sidelines quiet and reluctant to take action. We do not want or wish to be slaves   to the outdated control system anymore. We have to change and transform that which no longer services as. No political being will do it for us as they are bought puppets to corporations and the secret government.

Rise up with your hearts my dear family and above all raise your voices loud enough. So loud heaven can hear our wish to be at peace and to soon experience the divine shift. Do not hold your breath in waiting anymore. Now is the time.
Divine expresión, divine manifestation is aiding us to become our absolute best whether we like to or not. There’s no more pussyfooting around. You either get it done or you will be pushed with the tremendous flow of energy sweeping and transforming the world and creation.

Each and every day we are being pushed to reach levels of true alignment. Alignment to our true self and to our source of life, our beautiful Mother Earth.

Bottom line most people are caught up in the net of control and happily fall in line. Others don’t wish to loose their comforts so they are rather be quiet. Most are sort of spoil, unlike many of us who have experienced first hand the horrors of war.

We my dear family as individuals are strong but as a unity we are beyond measure and that’s why the so called elite who are nothing but a bunch of scare children who in their need to control also became the slaves to their system. Only we can save them.

We have the power to liberate them as well as ourselves from the limitations of lower density which by the way is being left behind as the rip in the dimensional membrane sproches. Yes we are close and closer to the quantum  dimensions  leap but before that we also need to forgive and liberate the enslavers.

There’s a bombardment of cosmic, galactic and beyond energy which makes all those talks of first wave and second wave of ascension look like child’s play. Yes my beloved family the shit is about to hit the fun and we will be here to witness the light forces take command.

Humanity will be brought to its next level of itself, but we must all take full responsibility for what happens next. Do you worry about remedial daily things or do you invest time and money of your own personal growth therefore helping the unity of all humans and earthly inhabitants.

Come on all wake up, this is the most auspicious time to do so. Don’t wait to be rescued or a second coming, we are already here. Welcome all of us willing to be at the forefront for all of you, all out of love. Don’t dismiss us but support and embrace us as I tell you bring the plow who opens the way easing as easy and we take huge bearings but it’s all a labor of love.

I love you all and hope you can feel your power and you all take action with us. There’s power in unity as well as in united intention, focus and live. Let’s get it done for god sake and for human sake. Heed divine mothers call and awaken your heart.

Divine blessings of live and light to all of you.


One who loves you at your true core.


Author: Higher Density Blog

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