Nancy B. Detweiler – Each of us is to Become an Ascended Master as we Move Forward in Our Spiritual Evolutionary Process! – Compiled by Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel – 10-26-16



Ascension of Human Beings

EARTH, and its inhabitants, are on the threshold of a major evolutionary leap int0 higher levels of consciousness.  Earth’s ascension involves movement within our solar system to the position VENUS, an ascended planet,now  holds in proximity to our SUN.



EARTH’s Ascension

A major reason for attuning to the Ascended Masters presently helping Earth in this process is that they teach us , preparing us to live in a higher  vibratory dimension, leaving behind our old belief systems and opening to a world of which we can barely dream.

Ascended Lady Master Venus explains:  “The radiation and Light of the Sun to the planets, causes each one to rotate on its axis and to move in orderly procession around the Sun.  So does the Sun move rhythmically around the Central Sun, and which is part of a glorious train of Light made up of millions of galaxies that move by Cosmic Intelligence, whose consciousness is beyond description, all move in procession around a Central Focus continually proceeding toward greater perfection or the ultimate.

As the Cosmic motion and in-breathing of the Central Sun draws the lesser Sun towards Itself, so in like manner the seven Suns are drawing their planets from the periphery of their system.  The planet Venus which is fourth in our system will move one position closer to our Sun becoming the third planet revolving around Krishna and Sophia.  So your Sun will draw Mercury within the Electronic Belt, and the Earth will become the third planet revolving around Helios and Vesta.

       Right below Venus is the Earth in your system.  We are preparing the Earth and its people so that the vibratory action of the position and orbit which We leave may be comfortable and they enjoy the radiation of Love and Wisdom which We leave as our heritage to your planet.  So too, are you preparing for when Earth moves closer to the Sun, Mars moves into your present orbit.” (Excerpts from THE LAW OF LIFE & TEACHINGS BY DIVINE BEINGS, Book 1, A.D.K. Luk)

I am listing an additional source of information on the Ascended Masters.  Keep in mind that you are not studying “Fantasy;” instead, you are actually studying a map to your next destination.

Ascended Masters’ Teachings


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