KejRaj – Atlantis, Halloween, RV/GCR – by New Sun Unity – 10-24-16

147707027547506Greetings Light Beings of Terra Three in the System of Sol.

As always, from heart to heart in this moment we speak,
I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. Let your mind go silent, if you wish to hear the ‘voice’ of the heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Many who have done their research on Atlantis, the civilization, its rise and fall, will have seen the similarities between the ancient Atlantis and the modern country known today as America. That is where America is today. Are we going to ‘sink’ or stand strong, united and NOT let a few lost souls lead us into another World War.


We have Russia, China, India, England, Germany and many other powerful countries in the world that want change, that are doing everything they can to bring change about, but, if the United States of America refuses to take part in this forward movement, the world will fail.

Everything has a purpose, and America, the energy this nation holds, the unmanifested energy, its destiny, its purpose is, well you could say the greatest purpose, and that is to lead the planet to peace and prosperity. And this WILL BE DONE. This will all begin with the announcement of NESARA. This is why YOU are now needed more than ever. Do all that you can to spread awareness. Spend time in meditation. Share your gifts with the world. Let your voice be heard.

Many souls from Atlantis have chosen to incarnate in America in these times of great change. We are here to ‘get it right this time’, and not just for America but for the world. For what happens in the USA, will affect ALL of Earth, and what happens on Earth will affect the galaxy and beyond.

All the things that were mentioned over the years by the many different sources, that have yet to come to fruition, all the positive changes that have been talked about for so long, you can expect these and a lot more to begin unfolding starting on or after the holiday of Halloween. As you all know great things have been occurring behind the scenes, but now these will begin to appear in front of the whole world. There will no longer be room for any doubt. Only the ripest time for action.

The holiday of Halloween represents the day before the destruction of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis knew that they were faced with the end of an era and of their world. So about 12,000 years ago, they held gatherings to celebrate life you could say, one day before the destruction of their continent.

Today, All Hollows Eve or Halloween, is held in remembrance of those souls(again, many are here now). November 1st is the day Atlantis ‘collapsed’. This is why November 1st is celebrated as a day of remembrance around the world today. All Souls Day, The Day Of The Dead, All Saints Day, and many other different names are used by different peoples around the world.

In recent days there have been quite a few different sources coming out with the same message. The RV/GCR will be released to the public within the month of October. The probable date of this event, from reading the energies that are flowing through and around us, and of course for historical significance, will highly likely be on October 31st, 2016. Which also happens to be a Monday.

It is time for humanity to rise as the one family of light that we truly are. It is time for us to live from the heart. It is time for us to raise our vibrations and rise with Atlantis. As she is rising from the crumbles, from the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, cleansed, renewed, and ready for a new era, the era of unity.

That is our message for this day.

Let love be your intention.
From heart to heart, KejRaj.


Author: Higher Density Blog

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