Lisa Transcendance Brown – As the Super Masculine Guys/Men Wake-Up Your Roles Change – 10-19-16




  1. Lisa, this is inspired. You’ve put into words what I’ve been feeling my way through doing– purely by FEELING, without a map or even a final destination in mind. It’s been confusing sometimes, feeling so self-less, so unconcerned with my own feminine “needs.” As an MFT, I’ve been well aware that I’d still be pathologized by many therapists for the choices I’ve been making– to be the STRONG one, even while I often also felt hurt and incredibly fragile. Fortunately for ME, I trusted my inner voice(s)– and thus, I FOUND my strength within me.
    As I read your post, in a flash it all came together. I RE-MEMBERED what I’m doing.
    Thank you. Much Love/Light to you– Judith


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