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Anne DeHart:

Don’t miss the first part of this call!  We learn even more about the real energy infused in Zorra’s portrait. This comes from Prime Creator! – The real “why” jets were scrambled – sirens. Beyond their imagination, what appeared before their eyes! – Healing ships all in position… waiting to decloak. – “What is the highest level of Heaven?” – Surprise answer!! –  A “pyramid rising in Alaska that Obama bombed??” –  Why is Putin recalling all troops back home? And China calling all nuclear submarines back home? – Another great surprise answer! — How does our Super Moon affect White Magic – and Black Magic? –  Why does this cat want to  live in the oven? (Surprise answer) – Understanding cancer and how to get rid of it – Now we can become a Fully Enlightened Being! Easy now –  More on how to use Zorra’s portrait. – How to reverse effect of inoculations –  Hillary’s past life/Trump’s past life – Cat wanting to hide in oven is a sign… watch the animals! – Lugol Iodine call 1-800-476-0016 Dr Jarvis:  Folk Medicine – Eve came first: forbidden fruit of knowledge… in Hollow Earth! –  Fibromyalgia? “SOUL!” – Hip replacement not healing fast enough – StemFit Active brings fast repair! Anne’s story. WellMed on our Health Programs page.

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