ZORRA FROM HOLLOW EARTH – Guest: Dr. Susan (Health Evaluation Tool) – Guest: Taansen (Viewing life in Earth’s Golden Age) – ZORRA: (Creator of our Milky Way, New Intel) -10-15-16



Today’s call included Dr Susan, speaking about her unique health evaluation tool; Taansen shared his time travel experience viewing life in Earth’s Golden Age; Zaraya reviewed the www.DianneRobbins.com books and their help in our Ascension; Fred and Gina updated us on the EasternDisclosureConference.com and its impact on global awakening. and Zorra joined us at:  2:06:00.



Zorra joined us at 2:06:00. “Who” IS Zorra? – Why do our Earth probes of other planets and the Sun give wrong data? – We can intermingle and experience past events on Earth and other planets through the “holodeck-type” files stored in the Porthologos Library under the Agean Sea, in Hollow Earth. –  How can we connect with our “roots?”  – Are churches a refuge, or an entrapment? –  Are solar flares real? – What kind, and color, of humanoid species, insectoids, serpentine, are found on other planets? – Does “higher education” educate?
A Blessing coming… What did the astronauts really see and who did they really communicate with on the moon? – Who IS “Father  God?” –  How Zorra has infused his new portrait to work as a contact point for our healing and empowerment. Saraiya, Zorra’s Beloved, joins. – The RV? It’s impact on Humanitarian Projects. Our Leadership responsibility with humans and the Galaxy. You have done this before. – Healing Pulse – RV countdown. – NESARA – Republic? In place at Denver Airport in underground facility.



2 PM Pacific – 3 PM Mountain
4 PM Central – 5 PM Eastern

Because our Saturday show was so squeezed tight – Zorra was not able to accommodate all the hands raised. We are therefore having this special show on Sunday afternoon dedicated to strictly Q & A.

Zorra’s portrait has been embued with his essence.
It is now a contact point for healing and empowerment, a connecting tool.