Tiara Kumara – Releasing the Unlimited Universal Storehouse of Supply by Lovingly Serving – by Steve Beckow – 10-15-16



How we hold the significance of money is one of the greatest barometers to our position upon the path of true humanitarian service. This concerns our attitude and the physical handling of that which most people seek to gratify personal desire.

* As we express selfless generosity in service to others, we release the unlimited universal storehouse of supply. If we genuinely love, we cannot help but to give. To give is to expand and thus the Law of Love is fulfilled.

* The purity of our greater love gives constantly as its inherent nature, requiring nothing back in return. With no expectation of return, it is impossible to avoid receiving! The energy of giving is returned to us, amplified, through the natural fulfillment of the law.

* Adhering to Divine Principle is the main key to changing the circumstances of our personal financial situation into one of a boundless reality. We consistently uphold the realization that abundance is already here for each and every one us.  It is simply a matter of raising our vibration to meet our prosperous self.

* When we stand unified with Divine Principle, all is magnetized to us in spontaneous flow, in perfect timing and in just the right quantity. No strenuous effort is required. No affirmations are needed and even prayer becomes obsolete. Want and need become signals to what is already in manifesting motion.

* Working from 5D consciousness, as soon as we observe the need arising, we simply know with great certainty that this is the beacon alerting us that it is being fulfilled. The moment that we realize our unity with the completed condition, it begins to express outwardly. In this, the energy of need become a magnetic tool.

* To experience wealth at every level, we live first and foremost in the perfect freedom of Divine Immanence. In knowing the inner Presence as our originating source of supply, we become powerful magnets, drawing to us all that is needed and required to fulfill our life purpose.

* Money is a non-personal form of exchange meant to help everyone thrive in creative life expression. The more that we regard money as a way to express love in service to others, the more that it will flow to us to assist its intended purpose.

* It has often been said that those people who sincerely desire nothing for the self can be a recipient of financial bounty and a dispenser of the riches of the universe.

* Rightly motivated ‘need’ combined with cohesive love, equanimity and selflessness naturally equates to financial magnetic power.

* For those in service to the Divine Plan, our primary motive for financial gain comes from a place of holy integrity. Our personal mission is solely inspired through the guiding light of Unity Consciousness. This navigation is received telepathically and intuitively through the developed higher mental body. This light-serving mission is not about what we think we want to do in our life. It is all about how each of us can best serve the Divine Plan.


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