The “Best” government may be none at all… 10-5-16… “Spain is without a national government and the people are loving it”

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spain_map_terrain_1Sounds like an possibly workable solution to me. See how this strikes you.

“For over 280 days, the Spanish people have been without an elected government and, as it seems, it is the greatest thing to have happened to the country since it’s four-decades-old democracy began. In the words of language teacher, Félix Pastor, “no government, no thieves.”

“Things continue to function. It is not a shutdown; public employees are still getting paid, garbage is still getting collected, electricity still flows. The biggest difference is that there are no politicians creating new laws to muck it up.

“Without the corruption and power grab, the people of Spain may very well be able to create a new, functioning government based on the use of the internet and direct democracy.

““A lot of people said we would go to hell if we didn’t form a government,” said Ignacio Escolar, the editor of…

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