STEVE BECKOW – After Ascension – New Technology will Astound Us – 10-12-16

Part 1/3


The “After Ascension” series looks at what we can expect after we gain entry to the Fifth Dimension.

Let’s look here at what changes in technology we can expect in the Fifth Dimension, using a question-and-answer format.

The Dark and the Light

Q: Will the dark succeed in keeping technology from the masses?

A: SaLuSa: The dark Ones have deliberately kept such advancements for themselves, with no intention of sharing them with you. However, their actions will serve no purpose as no one group of individuals is allowed to evolve at the expense of another. The evolution of technology alone is if no use unless it is applied in a spiritual manner that benefits the whole of Humanity. (1)

A: Mike Quinsey: As time passes you will … be able to fully benefit from new advances that have been deliberately held back to keep you in the control of the Illuminati. The changes will be welcomed by you, as they will enable you to take a leap into the future, and you will have a more acceptable life without the demands placed upon you to simply enable you to exist. (2)

Q: What have you been doing with terrestrials by way of introducing new technology?

A: Archangel Michael: Star technology … is in the homes of every person pretty much. (3)

SaLuSa: For quite a long period we have encouraged the pursuit of new technologies that will also give you a flying start when they can be introduced. Many are ready for you, but the timing must be such that there is no interference that will hold them back. Free energy is one that many, many people have heard about, and it will ultimately cater for all of your needs. (4)

Q: What can we expect from your arrival?

A: Sheldan Nidle: Our arrival is to be a watershed for you, and we will introduce you to a whole host of beliefs and technologies. Right now, you possess the ability to solve your energy and water crises and to set up a method that can allow each individual to actually “legislate” for their respective country.  (5)

You’ll come to learn of the reality of advanced technology that can feed your populace and see every person living a comfortable lifestyle.  (6)

We ask you to envision a world where the citizens have peacefully uprooted those in power and influence, and have taken to running your Earth in the ways that work best for each citizen. Envision, dear souls, a world where every soul is given a specific position to help keep the Earth and your society in good health.

We ask you to envision a world where money is not a factor, a world where money was once a factor and currency was used in the initial stages of that world’s collective’s building of their future, but where it’s since long faded away from use as it’s become outdated.

Envision a Galactic Earth with advanced technologies shared all around, and engineered crystal buildings that give off soothing energy that’s so very pure in structure. Envision an Earth where all the resources are shared by all, as there’s more than enough to go around.

We ask for you to imagine separation being a thing of the past, in every single way, as this is the future you’re heading into. (7)

What, Where, When?

Q: What new inventions are waiting to be released?

A: Mike Quinsey: So many inventions are ready to be released. The Keshe Foundation has already made progress and leads moves to bring advanced technologies into the open. There will be more as confidence spreads to defy the ones who would prevent their presentation. (8)

SaLuSa: For example there are underground means of travel where speeds are reached of up to 700 miles an hour, and they already cover a large area of the globe. (9)

SaLuSa: Everything you can possibly think of can exist, as nothing is new or what you call original thought. You can link with what was and interpret it in another way, which is how technologies are re-introduced in a New Age. (10)

Hilarion: Knowledge pours forth, knowledge that was once hidden, knowledge that was repressed from those upon the Earth, knowledge of inventions and technology that were prevented from coming forth into the World and making a real difference. Those days are now upon us and they can no longer be repressed and so they will come forth for those who ask, those whose hearts are true and pure, those who have agreed to play this role at this momentous time in the history of the World.

As the days continue, there will be wondrous new technology, knowledge and inventions being brought forth. There is already much that is new that is waiting to be announced, that is waiting for people to discover its existence.

Make a habit each day of doing Google searches for “New Technology” and you will be amazed at what you find! Go forth, become excited, reach for the Stars, for the Stars are endless in a sea of infinite possibilities. (11)

(Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.)

Part 2/3

U.S. astronaut Michael Hopkins (R), Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov (C) and Sergey Ryazanskiy pose for a picture at the Baikonur cosmodrome, September 14, 2013. (Reuters/Sergei Remezov)

(Continued from Part 1.)

We continue our look at future technology.

Q: What will some of the new technology look like?

A: Ashira: You will have Replicators – you will have various pieces of equipment – but none of this would ever require you relinquish what you truly like! So if you are one that still writes with pen and paper we have no problem with that. …

Will there be future generation computers? Yes. Will there be more automation – if you can think of it that way – in the household? Yes. …

There will be, what we would call, communicator devices, and that would be … again, is there a requirement for people to give up their telephones, their cell phones, their various equipment? No, we would never do that. But, just like thousands of you go and line up for the latest cell phones, many of you will line up and want the communicator instruments – because they work better!

And by the way, they are free! (1)

Angelic Guides: Much of the technology that you have today is handheld. You can take it with you wherever you go, and most of you have come to rely on your devices to assist you in a multitude of ways. However, in a short while many of these devices will seem like old relics as your technology will soon be able to sync with your mind.

[This is] a thought that many find frightening or even dangerous at this time. These fears will subside and you will become quite fond of the technological advances that will allow you to sync your consciousness with your technology. As the collective continues to awaken to the innate harmony, peace and balance that can be ascertained, you will let go of the many fears the collective holds about power, conquering and controlling. This technology will be used for the betterment of your world. (2)

Q: Will robots pose a threat to our future?

A: Matthew Ward: When robots are commonly used by industries, the tedious assembly line jobs this technology replaces—and that is the only “threat”—will end, and depending on workers’ ages, they can retire or prepare for jobs in other fields that will be much more satisfying and financially rewarding.

That will not happen in the blink of an eye, but this valuable part of Earth’s Golden Age is on the way. When society realizes the need for restorative recreation—re-creation—which the new economic system will support, people will be much healthier, happier, more meaningfully active and prosperous. Artificial intelligence also will be used for purposes that enrich life. And, the Illuminati never have had the ability to stop anyone’s personal ascension to fourth density and beyond in spiritual and conscious awareness. (3)

Q: How will free energy be introduced?

A: The Pleiadian High Council: Following the landings we’ll have formally made on your world, which will come about far after the widespread disclosure of our existence, we’ll teach you to understand the greater energies at work Creating and sustaining your realities. …

We and the various other ascended individuals and collectives comprising the Light Forces will be with each of you to share the ascended technologies we have with you and to help you understand how to build and use such technologies yourselves.

While companies with Lighted intents will indeed offer free energy technology when it initially breaks-through on your surface, after our presence has been made known and we widely disperse this technology ourselves and teach you how to utilize it, there will be no need for companies to oversee its production, as it will be like a plant that can be grown by every human being who will understand how to grow and build it.

Our technologies will be widely understood by all, and your mainstream scientists will kick themselves for largely laughing-away free energy and its potential for mankind. (4)

Q: Is the technology sentient? Will we funnel aspects of our consciousness into it?

A: SanJasKa: You’ll funnel aspects of your consciousness into the technology you’ll be given, which has been known about on your world and suppressed for nearly a century. The technology many of you may choose to utilize will be sentient aspects of your consciousness, and will be endowed with your perceptions…

You’re able to perform everything our technology does. It’s simply that we choose to utilize it for leisurely purposes. (5)

Q: What impact will the technological advances have on learning?

A: Angelic Guides: The technological advances that are to manifest within your future timelines will completely revamp how each of you learn. Many of you are familiar with downloading an ‘app’ on your devices in order to allow the device to perform a new function. This will be quite similar to the way in which many of you will acquire new skills and knowledge in your future; these can simply be downloaded, for lack of a better word, into your mind.

The explosion of progress and advancement within the human race will be quite unimaginable to many of you today. Any skill, language or information you wish to acquire will be accessible to you much like an app is accessible to your computers. (6)

Sheldan Nidle: Education … becomes the vital key to your immediate future.

A good teacher becomes a most valuable resource. This resource, currently limited, can be vastly expanded by use of the Internet and the spread of advanced digital technologies. These technologies can provide for the quick spread of literacy and the introduction of an immense library of information.This will be the foundation for consciousness-based neural networks that will swiftly replace the computer-based Internet. (7)

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 – Part 3/3

Captain Janeway uses a replicator. Many Star Trek technologies have been borrowed from known galactic appliances

(Concluded from Part 2.)

We conclude our look at future technology.

The Future

Q: How long will we look to our galactic family for guidance and assistance?

A: Matthew Ward: Because your family’s light is more intense than yours and their technologies are far advanced of your own, their assistance has been and will continue to be in ways that are beyond your current capabilities. However, the pace of society’s progress always has been determined by the planet’s collective residents – it can be no other way because it is your world. (1)

Q: Will we exhaust Earth’s energy resources?

A: Sanat Kumara: All the information you need to create energy to support all, in loving harmony, without the depletion of earth’s resources, is available to you for the asking.

There is no further need for the destruction of your Earth’s resources. And all may be abundantly supplied with that which they need for an abundant and joyful life existence. You were not meant to scrape and “get by.”

Your basic need of food, shelter, and clothing, were always abundantly available to you through the technology which has always been available to you. Bring it forth, use it, and your world will change so greatly for the better. (2)

Q: How will technological advance be financially afforded?

A: Sheldan Nidle: On your world, many are using their good offices daily to carry out the great shift we are telling you about. These groups and sacred families are doing this as part of their mission to help us bring this new epoch for humanity into being. Right now, there is a flurry of activity preparatory to delivering a great wealth to you all. This wealth is to be used to produce new and suppressed technologies, resulting in a great unveiling which will reveal all the wondrous advances that humanity has made over the years but which have been stolen or sequestered.

Releasing these discoveries is only a by-product of what your prosperity will bring: we as a people possess abilities that the dark lords of this realm greatly feared and did everything to suppress. This suppression will now end, and truth, great learning, freedom, and sovereignty will be your prosperity’s primary yield. Above all, this time will bring us family, and joy of a kind that we have not known before! (3)

Q: Will we rely on technology forever?

A: Akina: Much of your technology has a purpose which may allow you to move through your reality with greater ease, but most of what you achieve with your technology you can achieve independently with your inner abilities.

With the practice of taking time to connect inwardly you can ask yourself and soul to activate and manifest abilities from within your being that would equal the technology you use, remaining aligned with your divine purpose and the will of the Creator. It is an interesting practice because often you will place more trust and faith in the technology and less in your own abilities and insight.

This perspective needs to be transformed in order for you to withdraw your power from the technology around you empowering yourself and you could say the technology within you. With time, awareness, observation and empowerment, you may realise you do not need some forms of technology any longer. For example, you may not need a phone because you may have developed telepathic transmission or travelling through energetic dimensions.

I encourage you to take time to observe the use and purpose of the technology around you, exploring how you can develop the same skills within you or even just recognising and believing it is possible. The recognition or the simple contemplation of this idea can empower you on many levels of your being. (4)

Q: What does the future hold for us?

A: Sheldan Nidle: The new governance is to bring an end to a long series of cover-ups which hid the truth from you about a variety of new, liberating technologies. (5)

Angelic Guides: The technology that will be released progressively over the years will actually assist you to perform many of the tasks your mind is capable of doing [even if] your beliefs and understandings do not yet support their manifestation. So you see, your technology will act as a bridge to assist you in carrying out the tasks that are innate within all of you. (6)

Our Universal Family: Even many conscious souls who’ve learned a lot about us through communications we give or any other route have yet to see everything we have to offer, and even your cabal who’s built their own versions of the technology they’ve been given from off-world entities with service-to-self-based agendas, haven’t seen the likes of the Logos-fueled, higher-dimensional technology we’ll happily share with your planet. (7)

Archangel Michael: The only technology that will go forward into the New Earth will be “clean” and sustainable technology. (8)



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